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Contact List by Subject

Contact List by Subject

For members of the press and/or for general information direction, please contact Renee Lett, 737-2260. 

The following information lists primary points of contact for each of the CHE Divisions.
 Agency Division


Phone No.
 Administration Interim Executive Director: Jeff Schilz  737-2275
Academic Affairs

Director: Dr. John Lane

Fiscal Affairs Assistant Director: Morgan O'Donnell
Student Affairs Director: Karen Woodfaulk
Support: Laverne Sanders

Alphabetical Contact List by Subject

Subject Contact Phone No.
Academic Common Market Saundra Carr 737-2274
Academic Endowment Anthony Brown 737-3920
Academic Policies & Procedures Dr. John Lane
Trena Houp
Agency Accounting Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Appropriations Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Agency Audits Lisa Collins 737-9651
Campus Safety Karen Woodfaulk 737-2244
Capital Projects Carrie Eberly 737-0259
Centers for Teaching Excellence Dr. Falicia Harvey 737-1929
CHE Management Information Systems (CHEMIS) Helpdesk 737-2149
College Access
Gerrick Hampton 734-4397
College Goal South Carolina Karen Woodfaulk / Gerrick Hampton 737-2244 / 737-4397
Communications Vacant
Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Projects (CPIP) Carrie Eberly 737-0259
Data Requests chedata   737-2149
Disbursement Schedules Anthony Brown 737-3920
Disbursements Yolanda Myers 737-4620
Education Economic Development Act (EEDA) Trena Houp 737-4853
Employment Verification Marian Jones 737-2258
External Audits Lisa Collins 737-9651
Facilities (Information, policies, procedures) Carrie Eberly 737-0259
Facilities Requests/Approvals Carrie Eberly 737-0259
Fiscal Analysis Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Fiscal Affairs  Keeran Settampalam 737-1540 
Foundation (SC Higher Education) Anthony Brown 737-3920
GEAR UP Principal Investigator Karen Woodfaulk 737-2244
Governmental Affairs Ms. Katie Philpott 737-2275
Grants Accounting Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Health Professions Programs Trena Houp 737-4853
Higher Education Awareness Program(HEAP)
Higher Education Excellence Enhancement Program (HEEEP) Anthony Brown 737-3920
Human Resources Marian Jones

737-9943 - Fax
Improving Teacher Quality Grants Dr. Falicia Harvey 737-1929
Information Technology (Hardware/Software) Monica Goodwin
Institutional Effectiveness Dr. John Lane 737-0141
Inventory of Academic Programs Dr. John Lane
Laura Belcher
Trena Houp
Invoices Anthony Brown
Yolanda Myers
Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems (IPEDS) Mary Armour 737-2225
Legislative Liaison Vacant
Licensing, Degree-Granting Lane Goodwin 737-3918
Licensing, Non-degree Granting Lane Goodwin 737-3918
Lost Checks Yolanda Myers 737-4620
Lottery Disbursements Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Lottery Funding Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Lottery Technology Funds Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Mission Statement Approvals Dr. John Lane 737-0141
National Guard College Assistance Program Karen Woodfaulk
Lorinda Copeland
New Academic Programs Dr. John Lane 737-0141
Notifications of Program Change Dr. John Lane 737-2281
Optometry Contract Program Tanya Rogers 737-2224
Access Karen Woodfaulk
Lorinda Copeland
Planning Summaries Trena Houp 737-4853
Pre-College Mr. Michael Jackson 737-9758
Procurement Morgan O'Donnell 737-3921
Professor of the Year Program Saundra Carr 737-2274
Program Productivity Argentini Anderson 737-2276
Program Terminations Trena Houp 737-4853
Residency Regulations/Questions Gerrick Hampton 734-4397
Revenue Transactions Yolanda Myers 737-4620
Scholarships & Grants - DAYCO Tanya Weigold 737-2262
Scholarships & Grants - HOPE Gerrick Hampton 737-2262 / 734-4397
Scholarships & Grants - LIFE Gerrick Hampton 737-2262/ 734-4397
Scholarships & Grants - LTAP Gerrick Hampton 737-2262/ 734-4397
Scholarships & Grants - Need-based Grants Tanya Weigold 737-2262/ 734-4397
Scholarships & Grants - Palmetto Fellows Tanya Weigold 737-2262
Service Learning Trena Houp 737-4853
SmartState Program Argentini Anderson 737-2276
SREB Data Exchange Mim Armour 737-2225
Teacher Accreditation (NCATE) Dr. Falicia Harvey 737-1929
Transcript Retrieval (closed schools)  Clay Barton
Anna Grubic
Peggy Simons
Transfer & Articulation Trena Houp  737-4853
Travel Reimbursements Yolanda Myers 737-4620
Veterans Education Data Management Frank Myers 737-3922
Veterans/GI Bill/On-The-Job Training Frank Myers 737-3922
Veterinary Medicine Contract Program Tanya Rogers 737-2224
Webmaster Rao Korrapati 737-2259
 College Application Month  Gerrick Hampton  737-4397
 Gear UP Elizabeth Jablonski   737-5702
 Veterans Education  Kevin Glears 737-2271