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Staff Contact Information

Staff Contact Information

General Information
737-2297 / 2251


Dr. Richard C. Sutton Executive Director 737-2275
Ms.Julie Carullo Deputy Executive Director &
Director of External Affairs
Ms. Beth Rogers Executive Assistant

Academic Affairs

Dr. MaryAnn Janosik Director of Academic Affairs 737-3921
Mr. Clay Barton Program Coordinator, Licensing 737-7781
Ms. Laura Belcher Program Coordinator 737-4854
Ms. Saundra Carr Program Coordinator 737-2274
Ms. Renea H. Eshleman Program Manager, Licensing 737-2281
Ms. Lane Goodwin Program Coordinator, Licensing 737-3918
Dr. Paula Gregg Program Manager, P-20 Initiatives 737-2246
Dr. Rachel Harvey Program Manager, P-20 Initiatives 737-2236
Ms. Trena Houp Program Manager, Academic Programs 737-4853
Dr. John Lane Program Manager, Academic Programs 737-0141
Ms. Edna Strange Program Coordinator, Licensing 

External Affairs

Ms. Julie Carullo Director
Dr. Argentini Anderson Associate Director
Ms. Tanya Rogers Program Coordinator 737-2224

Fiscal Affairs

Mr. Gary Glenn Director 737-2155
Ms. Courtney Blake Program Coordinator 737-9930
Mr. Anthony Brown Program Manager 737-3920
Ms. Camille Brown Associate Director IT/Chief Information Officer
Ms. Monica Goodwin Senior Information Resource Consultant 737-2296
Ms. Marian Jones Human Resources 737-2258
Mr. Rao Korrapati  Computer Systems Analyst 737-2259
Ms. Trudy Norton Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable 737-1567
Ms. Yolanda Myers Program Assistant 737-4620

Student Affairs

Dr. Karen Woodfaulk Director 737-2244
Mr. Michael Brown Associate Director, Veterans & Other Adult Learners 737-2144
Ms. Elizabeth Caulder Associate Director, Student Financial Support 737-2262
Ms. Lorinda Copeland Administrative Coordinator, National Guard CAP 737-2157
Mr. Kevin Glears Program Coordinator, VA 737-2271
Mr. Gerrick Hampton Associate Director, Pre-College Youth 734-4397
Mr. Frank Myers, Jr. Assistant Director, VA 737-2282
Ms. Vickie Pratt Program Assistant 737-5702
Ms. Laverne Sanders Program Assistant 737-2226
Ms. Peggy Simons Program Coordinator, VA 737-3922
Ms. Catherine Strum Assistant Director, Pre-College Youth 737-9758
Ms. Leslie Williams Program Assistant 737-2260

PASCAL Staff  

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