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Academic Affairs Division Description

Academic Affairs Division Description

Director of Academic Affairs & Licensing

Academic Affairs and Licensing Division

For purposes of assuring quality, accountability, and effectiveness in public institutions of higher education, the Division of Academic Affairs and Licensing on a continuing basis:

  • Reviews and approves all institutional mission statements.
  • Provides the conduit for Southern Regional Education Board cooperation in contract programs  (Optometry, Veterinary Medicine, NC School of the Arts), Academic Common Market Programs, and the Electronic Campus of SREB.
  • Reviews and approves all new academic program proposals.
  • Conducts periodic reviews of existing four-year undergraduate programs of study.
  • Administers state-funded competitive grants programs (e.g., Centers for Economic Excellence and the South Carolina Teaching Scholarship Grant Program.)
  • Administers federally-funded, state-administered grants, such as the Improving Teacher Quality Higher Education grants program.
  • Staffs the Governor's Professor of the Year program; the Commission's Service Learning Award; the Deans' Committee on Medical Education; and a variety of interagency task forces.
  • Provides policy research and disseminates annual reports on critical issues in public higher education. 
  • Licenses qualified in-state and out-of 'state higher education proprietary institutions and out-of-state public and private eleemosynary institutions.   
  • Promotes with all the state's public and private institutions and the state library a plan to develop and sustain a statewide higher education electronic library with a  union catalog, significant full-text databases, and interlibrary loan features.
  • Works to build institutional capacity and public interest in disciplinary areas of high need (e.g., healthcare and teacher education).

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