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Finance Division Description

Finance Division Description

Picture of Mr. Gary Glenn Director Finance, Facilities and MIS
Mr. Gary Glenn

Finance, Facilities, and MIS Division

The Division of Finance, Facilities, and MIS is responsible for determining the allocation of State appropriations to the public colleges and universities; approving capital fund requirements; Performance Funding; and maintaining the Commission's statewide management information system for higher education institutions.  The division is also responsible for the state coordination requirements of the Federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

The Finance, Facilities, and MIS Division performs data collection, conducts research and prepares studies relative to both short and long range programs and missions of the State's institutions of higher learning.

Other duties of the Finance, Facilities and MIS Division include: developing and maintaining the CHE's budget, handling CHE's accounts payable process, managing all procurement activities, administering the accounting process for federal grant programs, and performing the agency's human resource functions. The division is also responsible for administering all dollars appropriated to the CHE by the State as well as all accounting functions with the Comptroller General's office and the State Treasurers' Office.

Various aspects of facilities at the public institutions fall under this division.  For further details, please click on the link below.

For additional information please contact:

Mr. Gary Glenn
Director Finance, Facilities and MIS
1122 Lady Street, Suite 300
Columbia, S.C. 29201-3245


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