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CHEMIS Contacts

CHEMIS Contacts

CHEMIS Primary Contacts for Public Institutions

The Citadel
Ms. Lisa Pace

Clemson University
Dr. Wickes Westcott

Coastal Carolina University
Ms. Chris Mee
Ms. Shelly Owens

College of Charleston
Dr. James T. Posey
Ms. Michelle L. Smith

Francis Marion University
Dr. Charlene Wages
Ms. Lauren Dorton

Lander University
Mr. Mac Kirkpatrick

Medical University of South Carolina
Dr. Andrew K. Gelasco

South Carolina State University
Ms. Cammie Berry

State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education
Dr. Hope Rivers
Dr. Stephanie Frazier
Ms. Debbe Daughtry
Ms. Linda Graham
Mr. Moses Brown

University of South Carolina
Dr. Eric Yang

Winthrop University
Ms. Karen Jones
Ms. Kelly Scott