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Fall CHEMIS Reporting Dates

Fall CHEMIS Reporting Dates

Fall 2017 CHEMIS Reporting Dates

Under the subject area, due dates denoted with *** are for the Public and Independent Institutions.  The other subject areas are for the Public Institutions Only.

Subject Area Freeze Date Due at CHE
Completions*** Sept.1 - Aug. 30 of previous academic year-Public and/or Independent Institutions


July 1 - June 30 (Fiscal Year) Independent Institutions*
September 29
Enrollment*** after drop/add October 31
Identifier after drop/add October 31
Disbursements*** after drop/add October 31
Course after drop/add October 31
Facilities   October 31
CHE 14 A, B, C after drop/add November 15
Faculty after drop/add** November 30

NOTE:  The actual freeze date will vary for each institution.  "After drop/add" refers to the actual date when a student can drop a course without penalty at the reporting institution.

*For Completions, public institutions report this data on an Academic Year Basis (Sept 1 - Aug 31).  Independent Institutions can use this same cycle or can report on a fiscal year basis (July 1 - June 30).

** Data that is reported for faculty will correspond to the freeze period for CHEMIS Course Data.