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Tape Specifications

Tape Specifications

Text Format for Data - maximum length

FACILITIES contains 2 record types, maximum length 138 bytes
COURSE contains 4 record types, maximum length 90 bytes
FACULTY contains 1 record type, maximum length 100 
STUDENT ENROLLMENT contains 3 record types, maximum length 120 bytes
STUDENT COMPLETION contains 1 record type, maximum length 77 bytes
STUDENT IDENTIFIER contains 1 record type, maximum length 41 bytes
STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP contains 1 records type, maximum length 58

Field Definitions

     General rules for files:

          1.   ALL fields

               a.  Unpacked and unsigned

          2.   Numeric fields

               a.  Right justify

               b.  Zero-fill numeric fields that report values
                   (e.g., 100=000100 in a 6 digit numeric field)

               c.  Round all numeric fields to the degree of
                   accuracy specified

          3.   Alphanumeric fields (no leading spaces)

               a.  Left justify

          4.   Special Characters

               a.  Do not use commas, decimal points, hyphens,
                   slashes, etc. in any field.  If a data
                   element is specified as having a decimal
                   point, this is an implied decimal point only.

          5.   Filler Fields

               a.  A filler field is an unused area in the
                   record.  However, a filler field must be
                   filled with blanks so that the proper record
                   length and record format can be maintained.

          6.   Nulls

               a.  Represented in both numeric and alphanumeric
                   fields as all 9s.  (e.g., an alphanumeric
                   field with a length of 6 would be reported as

               b.  Not all fields allow a null value.  Refer to
                   the CHEMIS Data Dictionary for this field-specific information.

               c.  A null value represents information that is
                   not available.  NOTE:  Some fields have an
                   Unknown code and therefore do not allow a
                   null value.

          7.   Mandatory

               a.  All fields must have a value.  These values
                   must be in accordance to the specific data
                   element requirements detailed in the CHEMIS
                   Data Dictionary.