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Update Logic

Update Logic

Update Logic for CHEMIS - Student(Enrollment/Completions)

I. First Time Freshman 

1.  A new edit will produce a warning, if a student is
reported as a First Time Freshman in the current reporting
semester, and already exists in our database as a First Time
Freshman in a previous semester.  This warning will not
appear if the student was previously a First Time Freshman
in the Summer, since this is valid according to IPEDS

Same edit, a student cannot be a First Time freshman if
he/she was previously a REGIS-STAT 2,3,4,5,6. For example,
he/she cannot be a First-Time Graduate and then come back
next semester as a First Time Freshman.  

Currently these will be WARNINGS ONLY and will not cause the
data to reject, but we do plan to change this in the future. 
There are currently some registration status errors in the
database.  Therefore we cannot make this a hard error at
this time, but we will be reviewing and printing on your

2.  If a student exists on our database (from a previous
reporting semester) and then comes in as a First-time
Freshman , the following fields will be replaced in our
database, completely, null to good data or vice versa,
whatever the institution reports for this First Time
Freshman student:

High School Code
High School Year
High School Rank
Preq 1-8

These fields represent the student as a First Time Freshman
upon which her/his admittance to the institution was based.


SBTCE - 16 Technical colleges

Majority of these fields are not relevant to the tech
schools, so if we receive a First Time Freshman record from
the SBTCE, we will do the following:

Move 12 to High Rank  - unknown      
Move "5" to UG-Degree - not applicable
Move "4" to Preq 1-8  - not applicable
move 99 to ACT-COMP   - null
move 999 to SAT-verbal - null
move 999 to SAT-math   - null                                

3.  A new edit will produce a warning, if a student is
reported as a First Time Freshman in the current reporting
semester at more than one institution.  This could happen
when you have a student part-time at one institution and
full time at another. 

The above First Time Freshman Warnings/Edits is an attempt
by CHE to reduce the possibility of errors in the data and
the system.  We believe these warnings/edits will increase
the integrity of the data, and allow for a better COHORT
tracking system in the future.

This is a definite change in policy , since we will not
allow the First Time Freshman data, i.e. fields listed
above,  to be changed randomly from null to good data.
II. SBTCE Data Updated First!!

The SBTCE data for all 16 technical colleges will always be
updated first prior to updating any of the other
institutions.  Through various analysis, CHE and the
institutions have concluded that the 4 year and research
institutions normally have more complete data on their
students than the technical colleges.  By updating the SBTCE
data first, any First Time Freshman attending a technical
college and a 4 year or research institution simultaneously,
that student's data from the higher level institution will
prevail in the CHEMIS database.  Again, normally the higher
level institution has more complete data on the student
(i.e. SAT scores, High School information, etc.)

The remaining institutional data will be updated in the
order of when the "CLEAN" files were received and processed
at CHE.  CHE keeps a log of all processing of CHEMIS files.