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CPIP Brief Explanation

CPIP Brief Explanation

Brief Explanation 

Each higher education institution responsible for providing and maintaining physical facilities is required to submit a Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP). Each institution’s complete CPIP covers five fiscal years and is submitted to the Commission on Higher Education for consideration each year. The entire CPIP of each college and university is submitted to CHE for review and recommendations forwarded to the Joint Bond Review Committee (JBRC) and the Budget and Control Board (B&CB). 

The first year of the CPIP (Year 1) includes all permanent improvement projects expected to be implemented with funds already available or expected to be available during the coming fiscal year. The purpose of Year One of the CPIP is to approve at one time each institution’s permanent improvement plans for the coming year, except for emergencies and other unanticipated needs. Once these projects are approved by CHE, the institutions may initiate the projects, with staff concurrence, at any time during the coming year as funds become available and if no substantive changes are involved. 

The second, third, fourth, and fifth years of the CPIP represent the institutions’ long term plans and are presented for information only