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2000 IE Intro Memo

2000 IE Intro Memo



To:Institutional Effectiveness Contacts


From:Michael Smith

Date:April 26, 2000



Institutional Effectiveness Reporting 2000


Enclosedyou will find the reporting requirements for the 2000 InstitutionalEffectiveness submissions that will be due in our office no later than August1, 2000.The first file that isincluded contains brief explanations for the components required within thesummary reports and the second file contains the data tables that should becompleted by your office.Together withthe data that has been collected for performance funding purposes (Section59-103-30), this information will satisfy reportingrequirements for Section 59-101-350.


Aswe did for the January 2000 Report, “A Closer Look at Public Higher Educationin ,”we will use performance funding information with the institutionaleffectiveness reports to highlight changes within the state’s public highereducation institutions.As of now, weanticipate that the format of the report in January 2001 will be very similarto the January 2000 report.This meansthat the summary reports from each institution should again be posted to yourwebsite so that we may refer to your electronic address in the January 2001report.Also, please maintain your 1999Summary Report on your website so that at least two years of summary data canbe viewed.


We arein the process of setting up a convenient time for readers to review your 1999summary reports and we apologize for the delay in this process.We hope to complete this review quickly andreturn general comments to you at least one month before your 2000 report isdue.


Toassist the two-year campuses in their assessment efforts in the area oftransfer (Achievement of Students Transferring from Two to Four YearInstitutions), data on these students has been requested from each four-yearinstitution and will be submitted to Bob Mellon (technical institutions) andDavid Hunter (USC Regional campuses) by June 1, 2000.This should allow the two-year institutionsappropriate time to include this information in their full report due August 1,2000.


Pleasebe sure to attach the following transmittal form when you submit yourinformation on August 1, 2000.Intrying to make the submission process easier, we are asking that you submityour completed summary report and data tables electronically to:Renee Connolly, at you have trouble transmitting thisinformation electronically, please mail a hard copy of all the reportcomponents to the Commission.If we arenot able to pull up your report & data tables, we may ask you for a hardcopy.All the information has beenwritten in Word and should transmit fairly easily, so we ask that you use Wordwhen sending your summary reports.Ifyou have to use another software application, please mail a hard copy of yoursummary report.Also, please check theCommission’s website at to confirm that the Commission has recorded the correct components that youwill be reporting on in your summary report.If there is a discrepancy, please contact Renee Connolly at803-737-2285, otherwise we will expect that those sections listed (includingMajors or Concentrations) will be the only components reported on during2000.As noted in the first file, “IERequirements” the Commission will be reviewing the reporting schedule from 2001forward to determine a consistent reporting pattern for the institutions andeach of the components required.


Thank you for your continued support in the state’splanning process and your consistent efforts in putting together excellentreports that detail your institutions’ efforts inplanning and assessment, accountability, and performance.We have posted a copy of the 2000institutional effectiveness guidelines and tables to the website at and will continue to post updates and revisions there, as needed.

2000Institutional Effectiveness Checklist

This form should be completed and returned withyour data tables and summary report by August 1, 2000



The information includedhere is current and correct to the best of my knowledge.


Nameof person

submitting information:













Institutionalweb address of


Summaryreports will be expected on institutional websites by August 1, 2000




Check list of IE Reports dueAugust 1, 2000


___Summary Report

___Accreditation Table

___Students in Developmental Education Table

___Sponsored Research Table

___Professional Examinations Table

Please remember that Transfer information is due June1, 2000 to Bob Mellon and David Hunter so that two-year institutions

can include it in theirfull report by August 1.





Submit electronically to:

Renee Connolly –


Should you have trouble withelectronic submission, you can mail a hard copy to:

Renee Connolly

SC Commission on HigherEducation

Phone: 803-737-2285Fax:803-737-2297



Updates and/orrevisions to any IE information will be posted on the website at