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A Closer Look 2001

A Closer Look 2001

Welcome to "A Closer Look at Public Higher Education in SouthCarolina," published in January, 2001.  The publication is a 2.3Megabyte file in Adobe .pdf format. It is formatted for double-sided printing,should you decide to print the entire document.

ERRATA SHEET (Updated 04-17-01.Includes data not inserted into the linked copy of "A CloserLook...")

When you click the image below, you will be linked to the page shown. Foryour convenience, there is set of bookmarks (shown below) on the left of thedocument. Click on any of these to take you directly to the section listed. Thevertical frame bar between the bookmarks and text can be grabbed with the mouseand moved in order to increase your viewing area.

A Closer Look 2001 Title Page