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Information for Financial Aid Officers and HS Guid

Information for Financial Aid Officers and HS Guid

Additional Information for Financial Aid Officers &High School Guidance Counselors


In a February 16th email sent to Guidance Departments throughout the State of South Carolina, the Commission on Higher Education clarified its position on the matter of high schools designating State scholarship recipients in their graduation programs and publications. Please understand that the Commission on Higher Education does not endorse the designation of SC HOPE, LIFE and Palmetto Fellows Scholarship recipients in graduation programs. However, if the school chooses to designate scholarship recipients in such programs, we would ask that you include the following disclaimer language:

"The designation of scholarship recipients on this program or in any media is preliminary, based on information provided by the high schools and students at the time of this printing, and is subject to final confirmation and approval by the eligible higher education institution and/or the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education."

Please note that students are only notified if they meet the academic requirements of the scholarships. The Palmetto Fellows, LIFE and SC HOPE Scholarships are based on the condition that the student meets SC residency and US/legal permanent residency status at the time of initial college enrollment. Once the student meets all general and academic requirements of the scholarship, then they may be awarded the Scholarship. However, an official determination of their eligibility cannot be made until the student has graduated high school.

For more information regarding state scholarships, please contact Gerrick Hampton at or Ms. Elizabeth Caulder at at the Commission on Higher Education.