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If an extenuating circumstance has caused a student to fail to meet the academic requirements (cumulative grade point average and/or credit hours) for regaining or renewing a LIFE Scholarship, renewing a Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, or receiving a remaining term of the SC HOPE Scholarship, the student may file an appeal with the Commission on Higher Education.   Students wishing to file an appeal must thoroughly read the Appeal Guidelines and submit all materials by the established deadline.  The Commission on Higher Education is not responsible for ensuring that appeals application are complete for review. Furthermore, the Commission staff will not contact students, parents/guardians or institutions concerning documentation that is missing and/or incorrect in the appeals application packet during the appeals process.

The appeals application is made available at the end of the spring term, to open in May and close in September, for the next academic year. Students wishing to file an appeal must do so the no later than the first fall term in which they re-enroll at an eligible South Carolina institution. Please note that students are able to take advantage of the maymester and summer terms in an effort to earn the requisite GPA/credit hour requirement to maintain scholarship eligibility.

It may be best to work with the financial aid office at your home institution to discuss whether your situation is an institutional issue or is appealable to the Commission on Higher Education.

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