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SREB Optometry Contract

SREB Optometry Contract

SREB Optometry Contract for Services Program

A Request for Certification of SouthCarolina Residency form should be completed, notarized, and returned tous at your earliest convenience.

Upon receipt of yourcompleted form, unless we need supplementary information, we will determinewhether or not you can be considered a resident of for the purpose ofparticipating in this State's Contract for Services program, coordinated by theSouthern Regional Education Board (SREB).We will then notify you and the institution you are planning to attend,concerning your residency status.

You probably know that maintainscontracts, through SREB, providing specified numbers of places for Stateresidents in two schools of optometry, Southern College of Optometry (TN) andthe in .You must apply directly to the institution ofyour choice for admission and may not be admitted as a "contract student"without a certificate of residency issued by this office.But neither the Southern Regional EducationBoard nor this Commission has any other role in the admissions process.The institution will make the final decisionconcerning whether or not to admit you, after you are certified as a resident,and will notify you of its decision.

Please do not hesitate tocall on us if we can provide any additional information or assistance.

SC Commission on HigherEducation
SREB Contract Programs
1122 Lady St., Ste.300
(803) 737-2260

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