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Higher Education Action Plan

Higher Education Action Plan

Leveraging Higher Education for a Stronger South Carolina

On April 2, 2009, the Higher Education Study Committee, which was authorized by the General Assembly in 2007 to recommend a statewide strategic plan for higher education, released its final report. The Committee’s work represents the culmination of efforts that have involved dozens of committed citizens representing education, government, business, and industry who have committed thousands of thoughtful hours in considering what the collective goals of our higher education system should be and what strategies might be pursued to attain them. The Action Plan Implementation outlines four goals (listed below) for higher education and provides clear direction through a series of specific strategies and recommendations to ensure the future success and competitiveness of
South Carolina.

Goal 1: Making South Carolina One of the Most Educated States
Goal 2: Increasing Research and Innovation in South Carolina
Goal 3: Increasing Workforce Training and Educational Services in South Carolina
Goal 4: Realizing South Carolina’s Potential Resources and Effectiveness

The Action Plan Implementation, March 2009 ( Full Report / Executive Summary Only
This report provides specific detailed recommendations and action steps for achieving the plan.

            Implementation Updates

The Action Plan Framework, September 2008 ( Full Report )
This report provides an overview and context for the four goals.

The Economic Return on Investment in SC Higher Education

For more information about the Higher Education Study Committee

For additional information, please contact Julie Carullo 803.737.2292