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Over the past several months, the Commission on Higher Education has engaged in an intense study and review of our statutory authority and obligations, an analysis of our budgetary needs, and the development of new internal policies. Through these actions, it is our goal to provide clarity, to meet best practices, and to ensure sustainability. This report contains the resulting documents.

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 Tab 1 Cover Page
 Tab 1.1 Executive Summary
 Tab 1.2 Key Points
 Tab 1.3 Introduction
 Tab 1.4 Table of Contents  
 Tab 2   Statutory Authority of the Commission on Higher Education
 Tab 3 Statutory Authority CHE STAFF SWOT* Analysis Introduction
 Tab 3.1 Statutory Authority CHE STAFF SWOT Analysis
 Tab 4 Statutory Authority SWOT Summary Introduction
 Tab 4.1 Statutory Authority CHE SWOT Summary
 Tab 5 CHE Introduction: H.4833, Governance Act Bill
 Tab 5.1 HEPW Staff Summary of H.4833
 Tab 5.2 H.4833 Draft Legislation, Full Text
 Tab 6 CHE Policies
 Tab 7 Consultant Bios
 Tab 8 FY 2015-16 Recurring Discretionary Funding Introduction
 Tab 8.1 FY 2015-16 Recurring Discretionary Funding
 Tab 8.2 FY 2015-16 FTE Analysis
 Tab 9 Core Mission Funding Requested in FY 2016-17 Introduction
 Tab 9.1 FY 17 Budget Request

    * Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats 

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