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ACIR Members

ACIR Members

Role and Function of Advisory Committee on Information Resources (ACIR)

1. Background: The Advisory Committee on Information Resources wascreated by the merging of the Statewide MIS Committee and the Computer Advisory Committeeon August 9, 1991. Its first meeting was held on August 28, 1991. The Committee consistsof institutional representatives appointed by the presidents of each institution alongwith staff representatives from each functional area of the Commission. The ACIR hadquarterly meetings.  Since 2001, the committee has been meeting on an annual basis to cover issues that are on the horizon for the coming year.  These members are known as the CHEMIS Primary Contacts.

2. Role: The role of the Committee is to make recommendations toCommission staff with respect to the development, implementation, and maintenance of theCommission on Higher Education Management Information System (CHEMIS). It will adviseCommission staff on any other computer-related matters which may impact higher educationin South Carolina.

3. Functions:

a. Responsible for assisting in the development, implementation, and maintenance of the CHEMIS.

b. Responsible for reviewing and recommending changes in the CHEMIS.

c. Responsible for promoting a successful and efficient working relationship between the institutions and the Commission in order to improve statewide data collection and reporting in South Carolina.

d. Responsible for encouraging exchange of information between institutions concerning computer-related matters as relevant to higher education in South Carolina.

CHEMIS Primary Contacts

The Citadel
Ms. Lisa Pace

Clemson University
Dr. Wickes Westcott

Coastal Carolina University
Ms. Chris Mee

College of Charleston
Dr. Raymond Barclay

Francis Marion University
Dr. Charlene Wages

Lander University
Mr. Mac Kirkpatrick

Medical University of South Carolina
Dr. Tom Higerd

South Carolina State University
Dr. James Myers

State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education
Mr. Moses Brown

University of South Carolina
Ms. Nancy Floyd

Winthrop University
Mr. Alan Davis

CHE Staff
Ms. Camille Brown
Ms. Julie Carullo
Dr. Mike Raley
Dr. Karen Woodfaulk
Mr. Gerrick Hampton