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Office of Fiscal Affairs

Office of Fiscal Affairs

Director of Fiscal Affairs
Mr. Bryce P. Wilson



For purposes of ensuring Access, Affordability, and Excellence in public institutions of higher education and to ensure the highest levels of Accountability, the Division of Fiscal Affairs: 


  • Develops Formulas for Distribution of Various Funds Appropriated in Support of Higher Education
  • Maintains the Operating Budget of the Commission and Facilitates all External Financial Evaluations
  • Manages Activities Associated with Human Resources, Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable, Grants Management, and State and Federal Cash Management
  • Manages the Commission on Higher Education Management Information System (CHEMIS) to Collect, Interpret, and Report Information Needed to Inform Students, Parents, Legislators, and Other State and National Audiences
  • Prepares Data for National Reports such as State Higher Education Finance and Grapevine Surveys
  • Reviews and Processes all Capital Projects, Leases, and Land Purchases
  • Collects Data Concerning Building and Infrastructure Maintenance Needs
  • Manages Building Data Used in Support of the Comprehensive Permanent Improvement Plan (CPIP), and other Reporting Requirements
  • Completes CPIP Annually
  • Conducts Compliance Audits of Scholarship Administration and Other Areas of Interest at Public and Independent Institutions
  • Publishes Tuition and Fee Schedules (Fall and Spring)
  • Publishes the Higher Education Statistical Abstract

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