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Office of the President & Executive Director

Office of the President & Executive Director

Dr. Rusty Monhollon
President & Executive Director


Role and Responsibilities

The Executive Director provides the leadership required for the Commission to meet its responsibility for coordinating an efficient and responsive higher education system in this state. All                  decisions of the Commission focus on ensuring that the higher education system provides accessible, affordable, and excellent academic programs throughout South Carolina...

Duties of the Executive Director include:

a. serving as the professional administrator and executive secretary of the Commission;

b. advising the Commission on all educational matters, recommending policies and implementing procedures, directing all operations of the Commission office;

c. keeping minutes of all Commission meetings;

d. recommending a staff organization and managing daily operations;

e. hiring staff personnel for all positions;

f. representing the Commission in groups, bodies, agencies, and organizations as approved by the Chair; and

g. performing such other duties as may be assigned by the Commission.

Reporting to the President & Executive Director are the Offices of (Communication & Governmental Relations, Academic Affairs, Fiscal Affairs, Research-Data & IT, Student Affairs).