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Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer



The user-friendliness of an institution, as represented by transferability of academic credits, will be measured as follows: I. Two-year regional campuses of the University of South Carolina and technical colleges will:

a) offer (advertise with the intention to teach) all course work contained on all statewide transfer blocks at least once per academic year.

b) eliminate all challenges of course work regarding effective preparation of students by accepting institutions.

II. Four-year institutions will:

a) accept all course work on statewide transfer blocks toward baccalaureate degrees.

b) report to the technical colleges and the two-year branch campuses of USC using established mechanisms data on the academic performance of transfer students on an annual basis.

c) eliminate all additional fees or encumbrances such as validation examinations,'placement examinations/instruments,' or policies, procedures, or regulations that have artificially retarded transfer of course work.

III. All two-year and four-year institutions will:

a) comply with the statewide articulation agreement.

b) update transfer guides (both hard copy and website) by September 1 each year.

c) use SPEEDE/ExPRESS electronic transcript standard in all admission and registration activities.

To be implemented by January 1, 1999.