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Introduction to Ratings

Introduction to Ratings

Introduction to Ratings

Links are provided below to current and past years of Institutional Performance Ratings for South Carolina’s 33 public institutions.  Annually, the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) rates the  performance of colleges using a system that has evolved since 1996 when the Commission was tasked by the legislature with the responsibility of basing state higher education funding on performance. The reports linked here are labeled according to the performance year.  The performance year represents the fiscal year (FY) in which the performance rating occurs.  The institutional ratings from a performance year impact the allocations of the upcoming FY.  The earliest ratings report provided, 1998-99 (Year 3), impacted the FY00 allocations and represents the first year of full implementation of the performance system developed initially in 1996.   In the prior two years, ratings were based on a portion of the indicators and impacted a limited number of dollars. 

Since its inception, the performance funding system has undergone numerous changes as the Commission, in cooperation with institutions and other stakeholders, has worked to refine and improve South Carolina’s accountability system for public higher education. Users of the rating reports are cautioned against drawing comparisons between performance years, as there are differences in indicator definitions as well as in rating methodologies across reporting cycles.  Additionally, it is noted that within a single year the applicability of indicators and the data measured may vary across sectors and institutions, making comparisons across institutions within a single performance year difficult.  Please keep in mind that institutions performing in the same category are treated similarly in allocating state appropriations.  Rankings of institutions, within or across sectors, by individual scores are not appropriate and, therefore, discouraged.

We encourage readers to review more detailed information on the system and measures by going to the Performance Funding Workbook for the appropriate year.  A link to the current and previous workbooks can be found below.  The workbook provides a description of what is measured and how data are calculated as well as details related to the structure of the rating process that is used to produce an overall score.   Other general information regarding performance funding and performance data are is also accessible through the links on the Performance Funding Home Page.

Following are links to descriptions of the reports by performance year.  Links to the actual reports for individual institutions for each year since 1998-99 are provided below the links to the descriptions for each year. Reports are posted by sector or type institution of which there are four in SC: Research Institutions, Four-year Colleges and Universities, Two-year Institutions – Branches of the University of South Carolina, and the State Technical and Comprehensive Education System. Explanation of Ratings by Performance Year

Institutional Performance Ratings (links to annual ratings for each institution)