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Leg. AdHoc Cmt

Leg. AdHoc Cmt

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education

Division of Planning, Assessment & Performance Funding

The History and Development of Performance Funding 

in South Carolina

  Legislative Study Committee for Performance Funding


As part of Act 100 of 1999, Proviso 5A.25 called for an ad hoc committee to convene for the purpose of reviewing the implementation of performance funding for Higher Education to determine if the intent of the Legislature is being met based on the methodology adopted by the Commission on Higher Education.


The Committee is composed of two House members, two Senate members, and two business and/or citizen representatives.  


The Committee will report its findings to the Senate Education Committee, the House Education and Public Works Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and the House Ways and Means Committee no later than January 15, 2001.


Upon submission of the final report, the committee will be dissolved.


Committee Members

Senator Nikki G. Setzler, Chair

Representative Thomas G. Keegan, Vice Chair

Senator James E. Bryan, Jr.

Representative Harry C. Stille

Mr. Robert Staton, Chair & CEO Colonial Life and Accident Insurance

Mr. G. Larry Wilson, Chair & CEO Policy Management Systems Corporation





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