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Committee on Planning and Assessment
Steering Committee for Performance Funding

October 17, 1996
S. C. Commission on Higher Education
Large Conference Room

Members Present

Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr.
Mr. R. Austin Gilbert, Jr.
Dr.  W. David Maxwell
Mr. Bill H. Stern
Mr. Roger B. Whaley


Dr. Robert Alexander                    Mr. Walt Owens      
Mr. Steve Avery                         Dr. Jack Parson
Mr. David Bonner                        Mr. Gerald R. Polinsky
Mr. Charlie Brooks                      Ms. Sharon Pothering
Dr. David Fleming                       Dr. Edwin Seim
Ms. Wanda J. Hayes                 	Dr. Harry Stille
Dr. Sally Horner                        Dr. DeWitt Stone
Ms. Fern Howell                         Mr. David Underwood
Mr. David Hunter                        Mr. Jim Vincent
Mr. Jim Kirk                            Mr. Larry Wilson
Ms. Deidre Martin                       Ms. Lori Woods
Dr. Harry Matthews                      Mr. William Workman
Dr.  Robert Mellon


Ms. Camille Brown                       Dr. David Loope
Mr. Michael Brown                       Mr. Russell Long
Ms. Saundra Carr                        Ms. Lynn Metcalf
Mr.  Charlie FitzSimons                 Mr. Jeffri Richards
Ms. Maggie Hicks                        Mr. Fred Sheheen
Ms. Sherry Hubbard                 	Mr. John Smalls
Mr. Alan Krech                     	Dr. Michael Smith
Mr. Raghu Korrapati                	Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong
Dr. Lynn Kelly
Mr. Nelson Lindsay

For the record, notification of the meeting was made to the public as required by the Freedom
of Information Act.

The Committee on Planning and Assessment, acting as the Steering Committee for
Performance Funding, met at 10:00 a.m. on October 17, 1996 in the large conference room. 
Mr. Roger Whaley, presided.

 I.  Introductions

Mr. Whaley welcomed Committee members and guests.  All persons present introduced
themselves and stated which institution or agency they represented.

II.  Approval of Minutes of September 24, 1996

It was moved (Stern) and seconded (Maxwell) and unanimously voted to approve the
minutes of the September 24, 1996 Steering Committee meeting, as written.

III. Consideration of Measures Referred Back to the Steering Committee

     A.  Indicator VII.A.  Graduation Rates

Mr. Whaley reviewed the recommendation for the revised indicator VII.A. Graduation Rates
and opened the floor for discussion.  Mr. Stern expressed concern about data collection and
the impact it would have on the Commission and institutions.  Mr. Sheheen explained that
most of the data would be provided by the Commission, however students out-of-state data
would be provided by the institutions.  There was a brief discussion about degree seeking
students taking remedial courses.   Dr. Robert Alexander expressed a concern of the technical
college presidents with the graduation rates recommendation.  After some discussion, the
Steering Committee agreed to maintain that the definition and measure should be the same
for all sectors and the benchmarks could differ.  It was moved (Stern), seconded (Floyd)
and voted unanimously that indicator VIIA. Graduation Rates be approved as written. 

     B.  Indicator   VI.C.  Post-secondary Non-Academic Achievement of Student        Body
There was a discussion concerning  how to measure work experience as a course credit.  It
was the consensus of the members that these concerns would be discussed in depth when
the benchmarks are developed.

Mr. Whaley noted to the committee that this phase of the process with the sector benchmarks
would be more challenging and complicated because of the impact on the institutions. 

It was  moved  (Stern) and seconded (Floyd) that indicator VIC. Post-secondary Non-Academic Achievement of Student Body " measure be referred to staff for additional
information on definition and a recommendation.

There was agreement with members that the staff recommendation for Indicator VIC. will be
mailed to them prior to a conference call meeting to be set a later date.
III.  Consideration of Sector Committee Materials and Process

Mr. Whaley discussed the content of a proposed position paper that would be forwarded to the
General Assembly.  He explained that the paper should contain management information
instead of relying heavily on statistical data.  Mr. William Workman expressed agreement with
Mr. Whaley, he stated that the paper should be mission and strategic driven not statistical
models or political oriented.  He also said that whatever process is given to the legislators
there has to be room for flexibility.  Dr. Sally Horner expressed concern with the process of
how total dollars may be distributed.   She questioned how to make a plan applicable to the
level of appropriation given to the Commission, that is, are funds divided by sectors or in some
other fashion.  There was some discussion concerning the process; however, the Chairman
informed members and participants that further discussion will be done concerning this subject
throughout the process.

Dr. Michael Smith presented a brief overview of the Guidelines for the Sector Committees. 
There being no suggested changes, it was moved (Stern), seconded (Maxwell), and
voted that the Guidelines be approved as written.  

Dr. Smith reviewed the contents of the Sector Committee members notebooks which will be
distributed to all members at a later date.  

Dr. Gail Morrison gave  meeting dates for the Research Universities and Four-Year
Universities Sector Committees.  Dr. Smith informed the Committee that the Technical College
and Two Year Branches Sector Committees had not yet set meeting dates.  However, once all
committee dates had been set that information would be placed on the Commission's World
Wide Web Page (

Dr. David Maxwell distributed a paper concerning the formula which is solely his opinon, to
members and participants (Attachment 1).

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Saundra E. Carr
Recording Secretary