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                        JANUARY 6, 1997
                     LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM
Members Present                    

Ms. Rosemary Byerly                     Mr. Winfred S. Greene
Ms. Diane Chinnes                       Dr. W. David Maxwell
Mr. Bart Daniel                         M.G. Thomas R. Olsen
Dr. Colgate W. Darden                   Mr. Lewis Phillips
Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr.                Mr. Bill Stern
Mr. R. Austin Gilbert, Jr                    
Mr. Frank Gilbert

Guests Present

Dr. Bob Alexander, USC-Aiken
Ms. Teresa Arnold, House Ways and Means
Mr. Harry Bell, Budget and Control Board
Mr. Art Bjontgard, SC College Council
Mr. Charles Brooks, Francis Marion/Lander
Mr. Les Carpenter, USC-Sumter
Mr. Kent Caruthers, MGT of America
Dr. John Cormier, MUSC
Ms. Betty Davidson, Governor's Office
Dr. Stan Davis, USC-Spartanburg
Dr. Anthony DiGiorgio, Winthrop
Ms. Susan DeWitt, Senate Education Committee
Mr. Daniel Dukes, College of Charleston
Dr. Jim Edwards, USC-Union
Dr. Conrad Festa, College of Charleston
Mr. John Finan, USC
Mr. David Fleming, Clemson University
Dr. Carol Garrison, USC
Mr. Ralph Green, MUSC
Dr. Mike Gross, Trident Technical College
Dr. Susan Guinn, Lander
Ms. Lily Roland Hall
Dr. Tom Hallman, USC-Aiken
Dr. Ronald Hampton, Chesterfield-Marlboro Technical College 
Dr. McLean Holderfield, SBTCE
Dr. Sally Horner, Coastal Carolina
Dr. Jim Hudgens, Midlands Technical College
Dr. David Hunter, USC
Dr. Reid Johnson, Francis Marion
Mr. Jim Kirk, USC
Dr. Mike McCall, SBTCE
Dr. Ted McClure, SBTCE
Mr. Doug McKay, Department of Commerce
Dr. Harry Matthews, USC
Mr. Robert Mellon, SBTCE
Dr. Dennis Merrell, YORK TECHnical College
Col. Spike Metts, The Citadel
Dr. Bob Mignone, College of Charleston
Dr. Bill Moran, Lander
Dr. Jeff Olsen, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
Dr. Jack Parson, College of Charleston
Mr. Don Peterson, SBTCE
Mr. Chris Plyer, USC-Beaufort
Ms. Sharon Foss-Pothering, College of Charleston
Mr. Bill Putnam, Francis Marion/Lander
Dr. Herb Robbins, Central Carolina Technical College
Dr. Steffan Rogers, Clemson University
Dr. Earline Simms, SC State
Ms. Lindy Smith, Coastal Carolina                      Members of the Press
Dr. Dewitt Stone, Clemson                              Ms. Heather Hoopes, WIS
Mr. Ed Troublefield, Lander                            Ms. Casey Christy, WIS 
Dr. Lee Vickers, Francis Marion                        Mr. Bill Robinson, The State
Dr. Jim Vincent, Winthrop
Dr. Freiderike Weidemann, Lander University
Dr. Marcia Welsh, USC
Dr. Carolyn West, USC-Sumter

Staff Present

Ms. Mary Broadwater                     
Ms. Camille Brown
Mr. Mike Brown                          
Ms. Sandra Carr
Ms. Renea Eshelman
Mr. Charles Fitzsimmons                 
Dr. Nancy Healy-Williams
Ms. Maggie Hicks                             
Dr. Lynn Kelley
Mr. Raghu Korrapati
Mr. Alan Krech
Mr. Nelson Lindsay
Mr. Russell Long
Dr. David Loope
Ms. Lynn Metcalf
Dr. Gail Morrison
Mr. Fred Sheheen
Mr. John Smalls
Dr. Mike Smith 
Dr. Aileen Trainer
Ms. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong

The Committee on Planning and Assessment and the Commission on Higher Education, meeting
as a Committee of the Whole, convened  at 10:30 am on January 6, 1997 in the large conference
room.  Mr. Austin Gilbert presided.

I.  Approval of Minutes

Minutes for the December 10, 1996 Steering Committee meeting will be approved at the January
9, 1997 meeting of the Commission on Higher Education.

It was moved (Phillips) and seconded (Greene) and voted unanimously to elect a vice-chairman
of the Commission at its February meeting. 

II.  Consideration of Recommendations from the Advisory Council on Planning

It was moved (Darden) and seconded (Floyd) and voted unanimously to reconstitute the
membership of the Committee on Statewide Planning from eight to nineteen.

It was moved (Phillips) and seconded (Floyd) and voted unanimously to disseminate the report
entitled Learning a Living: School - to - Work Policy for South Carolina Higher Education.

It was moved (F. Gilbert) and seconded (Stern) and voted unanimously to submit to the General
Assembly the report entitled Minding Our P's and Q's: Indications of Productivity and Quality in
South Carolina's Public Colleges and Universities.

III.  Consideration of Performance Funding Recommendations

Mr. A. Gilbert gave a brief review of the process to date and asked the institutions to present any
concerns or suggestions they had concerning the plans as drafted by the Commission staff.  

One concern was that the plans to be submitted are not specific concerning weights and
benchmarks and how these will be applied.  Mr. Sheheen indicated that including the weights
and benchmarks in the plans to be submitted to the General Assembly would make the weights
and benchmarks difficult to change.  It was agreed that the president of the Council of College
Presidents and CHE staff will draft a clause to be included in the plan that details a process for
revisions and modifications to the plans.

Another suggestion was that language be inserted in the plan explaining that a subsequent report
will be submitted on the benchmarks for 1997.  A member of the audience asked that the
institutions be able to give input concerning the benchmarks.  The Committee agreed that the
benchmarks for 1997 will be reported no later than June 1, 1997.

A letter from Mr. Harry Matthews (USC-Columbia) giving suggestions and comments was read
and discussed.  Several of the minor suggestions were agreed to by the Committee and will be
incorporated into the plans.   A question arose over the Commission's power to approve the
institutions' mission statement.  The Committee agreed that the Commission will review mission
statements for compliance with Act 359.

A further concern was that the reporting requirements under Act 359, 255, and 629 would be
duplicated.  One suggestion was to combine the reporting requirements of the three acts into one
report.  The Committee agreed that in the first year duplication of reporting will be minimized to
the extent allowed by the legislation.  In subsequent years, the Commission will suggest changes
to the law in order to reduce duplication.

The definitions of full-time faculty and FTE faculty in indicator 3(A) and 3(B) were questioned. 
The Committee asked that the Commission staff consult with institutional representatives and
draft definitions for approval at the January 9, 1997 meeting.

A final concern of the institutions was the cost of collecting the data for 1997-1998.  Some
members of the audience felt that additional costs would be incurred in collecting the data for the
fourteen indicators suggested for implementation in the first year.  The Committee asked that the
staff analyze the cost of collection to the institutions and report their findings at the January 9,
1997 meeting.

It was moved (Phillips) and seconded (F. Gilbert) and voted unanimously for the Commission
staff to prepare revisions to the report and regulations as discussed for consideration by the
Commission at its Thursday, January 9, 1997 meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 p.m.