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Subject for Approval by the Steering Committee at its next Committee meeting.

Committee on Planning and Assessment Steering Committee for Performance Funding

September 24, 1996
10:00 a.m.
IBM lst Floor Conference Room
1333 Main Street
Columbia, SC  29201


Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr.
Dr. W. David Maxwell
Mr. Bill H. Stern
Mr. Roger B. Whaley


Dr. Robert Alexander               Mr. Jeff Olson
Mr. Charlie Brooks                 Dr. Jack Parson
Ms. Sybil Fix                      Mr. Don Peterson
Dr. David Fleming                  Ms. Sharon F. Pothering
Ms. Carol Garrison                 Mr. William T. Putnam
Mr. Charlie Gould                  Mr. Bill Robinson
Dr. H. McLean Holderfield          Mr. Tim Rogers
Dr. Sally Horner                   Ms. Sandy Smith
Dr. Harry Matthews                 Dr. John Sutusky
Dr. Michael McCall                 Mr. Bob Taylor
Dr. Robert Mellon                  Mr. Ed Troublefield
Col. Isaac S. Metts, Jr.           Dr. Lee A. Vickers
Dr. Robert Mignone                 Mr. Jim Vincent
Dr. Phil Moore                     Mr. William D. Workman, III
Dr. Marge Tebo-Messina             Dr. Friedericka Wiedemann
                                   Mr. Larry Wilson                                  
                                   Mr. Melford Wilson


Ms. Camille Brown                  Ms. Lynn Metcalf
Ms. Saundra Carr                   Dr. Gail Morrison
Mr. Charlie FitzSimons             Mr. Fred Sheheen
Ms. Sherry Hubbard                 Mr. John Smalls
Mr. Raghu Korrapati                Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sotton
Dr. Lynn Kelly                     Dr. Michael Smith
Mr. Nelson Lindsay                 
Dr. David Loope

For the record, notification of the meeting was made to the public as required by the Freedom of Information Act. The Committee on Planning and Assessment, acting as the Steering Committee for Performance Funding, met at 10:00 a.m. on September 24, 1996 in the IBM 1st floor Conference Room. Mr. Roger Whaley, presided. I. Introductions Mr. Whaley welcomed Committee members and guests. All persons present introduced themselves and stated which institution or agency they represented. II. Approval of Minutes of August 8, 1996 It was moved (Stern) and seconded (Maxwell) and unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the August 8, 1996 Steering Committee meeting, as written. III. Consideration of Task Force Reports A. Planning/Institutional Effectiveness Mr. William D. Workman, III, Chair of the Planning/Institutional Effectiveness Task Force, reviewed the task force recommendations of its assigned performance indicators. Mr. Workman explained that the Task Force's assignment was to define and set measures for the performance indicators. Mr. Workman asked that the Task Force go on record regarding its views on performance funding. The Committee foresees the process as having two routes which must be followed regarding Act 359: (1) the Commission must comply with the Law and (2) as the process moves into the implementation phase, Commission members and staff should hold workshops or meetings in order to bring legislators, the business community, and institutional representatives together to create a common vision for higher education. Mr. Workman also stated that the measures will need continued revision and modification as more is learned about the process, and this may necessitate adjustments in the legislation. Each indicator was discussed and comments were considered from the guests. Dr. David Maxwell expressed concern over the fact some measures are based on subjective evaluation rather than objective measures, and that indicators should provide a "truer perspective" on higher education's success in educating the State's students. There was lengthy discussion from the floor concerning the measure for 7A Graduation Rates. It was agreed that "degree seeking" be added to the 7A performance indicator's definition. It was also agreed that the measure for 7F Credit Hours Earned of Graduates must be stated: The total number of hours required by a graduate by sector discipline/degree and by institution compared to the total number of hours earned by graduates upon graduation." There being no further discussion, it was moved (Stern), seconded (Maxwell), and voted unanimously that the Planning/Institutional Effectiveness Task Force Report be accepted with the minor modification suggested.
B. Academics Mr. Larry Wilson, Chair of the Academic Task Force, presented the recommendations of the performance indicators assigned to the Academic Task Force. Mr. Wilson stressed to the Committee the importance of being able to revisit the measures because of evolving issues in higher education; as more is learned about the process it may necessitate adjustments in the legislation. Mr Wilson also expressed concern that an institution might be able to "beat the system" and receive rewards without meeting the intent of indicators. Thus, for some indicators the Committee developed measures that included best practices and relative rankings of institutions. Each indicator was presented and discussed. During the discussion of indicator 2.F Community and Public Service Activities of Faculty for Which No Extra Compensation is Paid, Mr. Wilson stated that this particular indicator should be weighted less heavily than others. After some discussion, Dr. Gail Morrison, Director of Academics Affairs at CHE, agreed to clarify language in the definition of indicator 3.C Ratio of Full-time Faculty as Compared to Other Full-time Employees relating to "health-related professions." Dr. David Maxwell noted that the measure for research was based on dollars awarded, rather than the actual value of the research. He pointed out that some of the most significant research at a university is not funded research. During the discussion, Dr. Sally Horner asked whether both progress and excellence would be rewarded. Mr. Whaley pointed out that he believed that funding should be based on both--whether an institution was making progress and whether it had already achieved its goal and was doing an excellent job. There being no significant changes in the report, it was moved (Stern), seconded (Floyd), and voted unanimously that the Academic Task Force Report be accepted as written with the modification of definitions. C. Administrative Management Mr. Bill Stern made a motion that due to the lateness of the hour and having received a written report from Dr. Walter Owens (Attachment 1) the Administrative Management Task Force Report should be accepted as written without a one-by-one presentation of each assigned performance indicator. Mr. Whaley opened the floor for discussion and comments. After a brief discussion of concerns, it was moved (Stern), seconded (Floyd) and voted unanimously that the Administrative Management Task Force Report be accepted as written. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Saundra E. Carr Recording Secretary