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     Steering Committee for Performance Funding
                         March 11, 1997
                     LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM

Members Present                    

Ms. Dianne Chinnes
Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr.
Mr. R.Austin Gilbert, Jr.
Dr. W. David Maxwell

Guests Present

Dr. Robert Alexander
Ms. Bridgett Burliss
Mr. Kent Caruthers
Mr. Don Cornwell
Mr. Colgate Darden
Ms. Susan Dewitt
Dr. Conrad Festa
Dr. David P. Fleming
Ms. Carol Garrison
Mr. Mike Gross
Dr. Wanda Hayes
Dr. McLean Holderfield
Ms. Sue Hooks
Dr. Sally Horner
Dr. James Hudgins
Mr. David Hunter
Mr. Jim Kirk
Mr. Howard Lundy
Dr. Deidre Martin
Dr. Harry Matthews
Dr. Michael McCall
Dr. Dennis Merrell
Dr. Robert Mignone
M.G. Thomas Olsen
Dr. Walt Owens
Dr. Jack Parson
Mr. William Putnam
Mr. Peter Schmidt
Mr. E. H. Seim
Ms. Lindy Smith
Mr. Jim Vincent

Staff Present

Mr. Mike Brown                          
Ms. Sandra Carr
Ms. Renea Eshleman
Mr. Charles Fitzsimmons                 
Dr. David Loope
Mr. Fred Sheheen
Mr. John Smalls
Dr. Mike Smith 
Dr. Aileen Trainer
Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong
Dr. Karen Woodfaulk

The Committee on Planning and Assessment, acting as the Steering Committee for Performance
Funding, met at 10:30 a.m. on March 11, 1997 in the large conference room.  Mr. Dalton Floyd,

I.  Introductions

Mr. Floyd welcomed committee members and guests.  All persons present introduced themselves
and stated which institution or agency they represented.

I.  Approval of Minutes

It was moved (Chinness) and seconded (Maxwell) and unanimously voted to approve the minutes
of February 20, 1997 Steering Committee meeting, as written.

II.  Consideration of the Issues Raised at the Public Hearing on March 6, 1997

Dr. Michael Smith presented a brief overview of the public hearing.  Dr. Smith reported that the
issue concerning clarification for credit hours vs contact hours had been worked out.  It was
agreed that an exchange of letters between the Commission and the State Technical
Comprehensive Education Board would be sufficient to address all other concerns.

III.  Review of the Basic Assumptions and Guiding Principles Distributed at March 6, 1997  
      Meeting of the Commission on Higher Education

Mr. Dalton Floyd gave a short presentation regarding the basic assumptions for performance
funding and guiding principles (Attachment A) which would be the foundation of the
Performance Funding Plan. Mr. Floyd explained that the although the funding methodology is
late in the process it did indeed answer questions that were asked early on.  He also emphasized
that this is an evolving process and this process was designed to minimize errors.

IV.  Presentation of the Performance Funding Plan

Dr. Smith discussed the practices drawn from the sector committee reports.  Also, Dr. Smith
gave an overview of a possible performance funding model (Attachment A).    He explained that
weighting would not be done in this phase but that the financial concerns represented by
variations in weighting in the sector committee reports are built into the Resource Allocation
Plan (RAP).  Dr. Smith explained in detail the model outline (Attachment A) which was
provided to the Committee.  Also, the rating scale for higher education performance indicators
for 1997-98 was explained (Attachment A).

Mr. John Smalls gave a brief overview of the two previously held meetings of the Formula
Advisory Committee.  Mr. Kent Caruthers, MGT, discussed the RAP which was developed in
conjunction with the Commission staff.  During Mr. Caruthers presentation he explained how
each institution's final appropriation amount would be derived.  Several questions were asked
from various institutional representatives.  It was the consensus of the group that the RAP as
presented is a workable one with some room for modification.  

V.  General Discussion

There was a lengthy discussion of the plan and its various components .  Chairman Floyd
reiterated the fact that this was a meeting for information and discussion only.  Mr. Floyd stated
that written suggestions, recommendations, and/or options from any party prior to consideration
and vote would be accepted prior to March 27.

Dr. Robert Alexander requested that the Council of College Presidents Executive Board have a
meeting scheduled with Mr. Dalton Floyd and Mr. Austin Gilbert to discuss the materials
presented during the meeting.  Mr. Sheheen assured committee members  that this would be done
After further discussion concerning funding methodology, weights, and measures  the Steering
Committee agreed that all Commission members are welcome to attend the March 27th meeting
to give them an opportunity for input before the April scheduled meeting of the Commission.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Saundra E. Carr
Recording Secretary