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           	   PERFORMANCE FUNDING                     
                   DECEMBER 10, 1996
                   LARGE CONFERENCE ROOM
Members Present                    

Mr. Dalton B. Floyd, Jr.           
Mr. R. Austin Gilbert, Jr
Dr. W. David Maxwell
Mr. Bill H. Stern

Guests Present

Ms. Susan DeWitt, Senate Education Committee
Dr. Carol Garrison, USC
Dr. Tom Hallman, USC-Aiken
Mr. McLean Holderfield, SBTCE
Dr. David Hunter, USC
Mr. Jim Kirk, USC
Dr. Ted McClure, SBTCE
Ms. Deidre Martin, USC-Aiken
Mr. Jeff Olsen, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College
Ms. Sharon Foss-Pothering, College of Charleston
Ms. Blanche Premo-Hopkins, USC-Aiken
Ms. Margaret Reidell, USC-Aiken
Dr. Earline Simms, SC State
Ms. Lindy Smith, Coastal Carolina
Ms. Jane Stephens, USC-Spartanburg
Dr. Dewitt Stone, Clemson
Dr. Jim Vincent, Winthrop

Staff Present

Ms. Mary Broadwater           Dr. Lynn Kelley               Mr. Fred Sheheen
Mr. Mike Brown                Mr. Nelson Lindsay            Mr. John Smalls
Mr. Charles Fitzsimmons       Dr. David Loope               Dr. Mike Smith
Ms. Maggie Hicks              Ms. Lynn Metcalf
Ms. Sherry Hubbard            Dr. Gail Morrison

The Committee on Planning and Assessment, acting as the Steering Committee 
for Performance Funding, met at 10:30 am on December 10, 1996 in the large conference room. 

Mr. Austin Gilbert presided.

I.  Approval of Minutes 

It was moved (Stern) and seconded (Floyd) and unanimously voted to approve the minutes of the November 14, 1996 and December 3, 1996 Steering Committee meetings as written.  Mr. Sheheen introduced two representatives from MGT of America, consultants to the Commission.

II.  Reports of the Sector Committees

Mr. Stephen Avery presented the report for the Teaching University Sector Committee.  Mr. Avery discussed the process his committee followed in developing their weights and benchmarks.  He voiced concern over the fact that several of the indicators were conflicting.  In addition, Mr. Avery noted that a few indicators openly and blatantly penalized certain

Mr. Bill Workman presented the report of the Technical College Sector Committee.  Mr. Workman explained his committee's emphasis on the mission statement in the first year and the strategic plan in the second year.  He also emphasized the need for a consensus on a vision for higher education in the state.  His proposal (see attachment) would bring together legislators,
CHE staff, and institutional representatives in order achieve alignment on the performance funding process.

Mr. Larry Wilson presented the report of the Research Sector Committee.  He emphasized the use of national aspirational peer groups to compare the research sector's performance.  Mr. Wilson explained the Committee's emphasis on a few indicators by stating that only SAT scores, faculty salaries, and research funding could truly change institutional behavior.

Dr. Edward Seim presented the report of the Two-Year Branch Campuses.  He first indicated the Committee's desire to change their name to the Regional Campuses to better reflect their stated mission.  Dr. Seim mentioned several recommendations to the Steering Committee on specific indicators that were listed in the sector committee final report.

III.  Discussion of Consultants' Role

Mr. Sheheen welcomed the consultants who were present and explained to the Committee what the Request For Proposals included.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.