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SouthCarolina Commissionon Higher Education



PerformanceFunding Data Year1999-2000 (Yr 4)

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Thispage last updated 10/22/2004

Datapages in order of date posted (with revision date noted, when applicable)


Indicator 3E - 2a & 2b Posted 4/3/00 Indicator 3E - 3a & 3b Posted 4/3/00 Indicator 7D Posted 4/3/00 Indicator 9A Posted 4/3/00 Indicator 8A Posted 3/31/00 (Revised 4/12/00) Indicator 1B Posted 3/30/00 (Revised 4/5/00) Indicator 8B Posted 3/29/00 Indicator 3D Posted 3/28/00 Indicators 1A, 5A, 5D Posted 3/2/00, Revised 3/29/00 Indicator 9B Posted 3/3/00