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Critical Success Factor 8_98

Critical Success Factor 8_98

Performance Indicator: (8A) TRANSFERABILITY OF CREDITS TO AND FROM THE INSTITUTION Measure: The extent to which the criteria stipulated in the 'Policy and Procedures for Transferability of Credits ' document are achieved by the institution.


Method of Reporting: Institutional Reports to CHE

Performance Indicator: (8B) CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS FOR GRADUATES AND OTHERS Measure: Number of non-credit continuing education units (CEU’s) produced annually

Definition: CEU is defined as a continuing education unit. One continuing education unit is normally defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience under responsible sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. Normally CEU’s do not count as regular academic credit at an institution of higher education.

A minimum number of CEU’s generated will be established by the Commission on Higher Education before an institution is measured on this indicator. Institution’s falling below this level will provide rationale for their level of activity.

For the Technical Education System, this measure is limited to Occupational Education classifications as defined by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education.

Method of Reporting:  Annual report to the Commission on Higher Education. All institutions will report all CEU’s generated by semester for 1999-2000.

Performance Indicator: (8C) ACCESSIBILITY TO THE INSTITUTION OF ALL CITIZENS OF THE STATE Measure: A two part measure which includes:

1) The percent of other-race undergraduate students enrolled at an institution and

2) An annual retention rate for other race students as compared to that of all non-other race students

Directional Arrow: Up, until an institution’s enrollment reaches the percentage of other race in the service area population (technical colleges and regional colleges) or the state (teaching and research institutions)

Definition: 'Other race' for institutions other than historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) would be African-American students; 'other race' for HBCUs would be White, non-Hispanic students.

Method of Reporting: Computed from CHEMIS data, institutional reports, and South Carolina Statistical Abstract.

NOTE: For further review for Year 4, FY 1999-2000 additional possible submeasures:

- Total Credit Hours Generated Off-Campus in Counties Where No Comparable Program is Offered By a Public Institution.

- The Total Number of Credit Hours Generated In-State Through Distance Education.

Both possible submeasures are pending the development of a statewide plan.