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Explanation of Ratings - 1998-1999 (Year 3)

Explanation of Ratings - 1998-1999 (Year 3)

Explanation of Ratings - 1998-1999 (Performance Year 3)
1998-99 impacting FY00
Approved May 6, 1999

Note:  Links to Institutional Ratings are Provided Below.

 Links are provided here to institutional reports from the first year (1998-99, Year 3) of full implementation of the State’s accountability system for public higher education.   These reports were approved on May 6, 1999.  For the first time, the CHE implemented a system whereby indicators were scored on a 3-point scoring system: 3 points for an “exceeds” indicator score, 2 for “achieves” and 1 for “does not achieve.”   In the two prior years, scores on indicator performance ranged from 0 to 6 possible points.  Institutional performance on indicators was determined based on performance standards or benchmarks developed specific to each institution. Coupled with this new indicator scoring system, the CHE also implemented a change in how the overall institutional rating and determination of funding were calculated.  Overall scores were calculated as an average of the indicator scores with the resulting average placing an institution in one of five overall performance categories.  Funding determinations were made based on the overall performance category and not on an each institution’s individual overall score.  During Year 3, measures developed for each of the 37 indicators that were suggested in law were used.  In the previous year, only 22 were used and 14 in the year before that as CHE phased-in the system. 

In Year 3, all institutions performed in the Exceeds category (18 institutions) or Achieves category (15 institutions).   The overall average score was 86% (2.57 of 3).

Note on Report Format:   The ratings for 1998-1999 are in a general web format from documents produced initially in Excel format.  These reports were originally formatted to print on one legal-sized page in portrait format; however, they print best here in landscape format. (Note: Adjustment to your printer settings may be required so that the reports print in landscape.)  The page that appears provides detailed performance and scoring information by indicator including:  the name of the indicator being evaluated; the approved institutional benchmark (standard) for each institution; the sector benchmark, if applicable, for all institutions in the sector; the institution's actual performance on each indicator; the institution's score on each indicator, shown textually and numerically; and the institutions' overall performance.   Summary information is provided at the bottom of the report.

Institutional Performance Ratings

Links to Annual Ratings by Sector, Introduction to Ratings and Other Guidance    (This link provides access to the links for institutional performance ratings for each year since 1998-99.  In addition, ratings explanations and system guidance for this and other years are also available from the links provided before and after links to the “Institutional Ratings.”)