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Explanation of Ratings - 1999-2000 (Year 4)

Explanation of Ratings - 1999-2000 (Year 4)

Explanation of Ratings - 1999-2000 (Performance Year 4)
1999-2000 impacting FY01
Approved May 4, 2000

Note:  Links to Institutional Ratings are Provided Below.

Links are provided here to institutional reports approved by CHE on May 4, 2000, for the fourth year of performance funding (2000-01.) In this year, the Commission used for the second time a scoring system based on scores of 1, 2, or 3 for performance on indicators.  Additionally during this year, new definitions applied for most indicators.  The revision in definitions resulted from extensive work the year before among institutions, other stakeholders, and the Commission, as the system was reviewed prior to its full implementation.  During  Year 4, institutions were rated based on benchmarks developed specific to each institution.  However, for one or two indicators, for the first time, the same standards applied to groupings of institutions. 

In this year, all institutions performed in the Exceeds category (11 institutions) or Achieves category (22 institutions).   The overall average score was 84% (2.53 of 3).

Note on Report Format:   The ratings for 1999-2000 are in Excel Format and print best in Portrait format.  The first worksheet (titled 'Institution's Name' Summary) is the first page of the report and summarizes scoring information and provides general institutional data. The second worksheet (titled 'Institution's Name' Data) includes pages 2-4 of the institution reports, which provides detailed performance and scoring information by indicator.  (Note: Adjustment to your printer settings may be required so that the reports print in on four pages.)

Institutional Performance Ratings

Links to Annual Ratings by Sector, Introduction to Ratings  and Other Guidance    (This link provides access to the links for institutional performance ratings for each year since 1998-99.  In addition, ratings explanations and system guidance for this and other years are also available from the links provided before and after links to the “Institutional Ratings.”)