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Year 10 Data

Year 10 Data

Year 10 (2005-2006) Performance Funding Data

Posted below are data reviewed in 2005-06 for Performance Funding.  For detailed information on reporting in 2005-06 (Yr 10) and on the indicators below please refer to the Performance Funding Workbook and Guidance for 2005-06.

Indicator Date Posted
Performance Funding Data CHEMIS Fall 2005: INDICATORS 2A, 2D, 6A/B, 7A, 7E, 8C
1B Curricula offered to achieve mission (Regional and technical institutions) 7/10/06
1B Curricula offered to achieve mission (research and teaching institutions) *
1C Approval of a mission statement 5/15/06
1D/1E Adoption of a strategic plan to support the mission statement/ attainment of goals of the strategic plan *
3D(sum) Accreditation of degree granting programs      (.pdf version ) 7/10/06
3D(det) Detail for Indicator 3D 7/10/06
3E1 Program quality - NCATE Accreditation 5/15/06
3E2a Percentage of students passing professional knowledge teacher education examination *
3E2b Percentage of students passing specialty area teacher education examinations 5/15/06
3E3a&b Percentage of teacher education graduates in critical shortage areas; Percentage of teacher education graduates who are minority *
4A/4B Sharing and use of technology, programs, equipment, supplies and source matter experts within the institution, with other institutions and the business community/cooperation and collaboration with private industry
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Regional
  • Technical

5A Percentage of academic costs as compared to administrative costs *
6A/B (For MUSC) Entrance examination scores, college grade point average, and college rank of entering graduate and first professional students *
7A (For MUSC) Graduation Rate *
7A Regional campuses and technical colleges:  Graduation rates within 150% of program time to completion and success rates.  These are data for resulting performance level considering CHEMIS information and additional transfer data. 5/15/06
7B Employment rate for graduates *
7C Employer feedback on graduates who were employed and not employed *
7D Percentage of students passing professional examinations 5/15/06
7E Indicator 7E: First-time, full-time associate degree-seeking students earning a baccalaureate degree from another institution within six years.  CHEMIS data supplemented with Out-of-State Graduates. 5/15/06
9A Financial Support for Reform in Teacher Education *
9B Amount of Public and Private Sector Grants *

* Reporting deferred in 2005-06.  See Year 9 (2004-05) data for latest report.