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Year 11 Data

Year 11 Data

Year 11 (2006-2007) Performance Funding Data

Posted below are data reviewed in 2006-07 for Performance Funding.  For detailed information on reporting in 2006-07 (Yr 11) and on the indicators below please refer to the Performance Funding Workbook and Guidance for 2006-07.

Indicator Date Posted
Performance Funding Data CHEMIS Fall 2006: INDICATORS 2A, 2D, 6A/B, 7A, 7E, 8C
1B Curricula offered to achieve mission (Regional and technical institutions) *
1B Curricula offered to achieve mission (research and teaching institutions) *
1C Approval of a mission statement  
1D/1E Adoption of a strategic plan to support the mission statement/ attainment of goals of the strategic plan *
3D(sum) Accreditation of degree granting programs      (.pdf version) 7/16/07
3D(det) Detail for Indicator 3D  
3E1 Program quality - NCATE Accreditation 7/16/07
3E2a Percentage of students passing professional knowledge teacher education examination *
3E2b Percentage of students passing specialty area teacher education examinations 7/16/07
3E3a&b Percentage of teacher education graduates in critical shortage areas; Percentage of teacher education graduates who are minority *
4A/4B Sharing and use of technology, programs, equipment, supplies and source matter experts within the institution, with other institutions and the business community/cooperation and collaboration with private industry
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Regional
  • Technical
5A Percentage of academic costs as compared to administrative costs *
6A/B (For MUSC) Entrance examination scores, college grade point average, and college rank of entering graduate and first professional students *
7A (For MUSC) Graduation Rate *
7A Regional campuses and technical colleges:  Graduation rates within 150% of program time to completion and success rates.  These are data for resulting performance level considering CHEMIS information and additional transfer data. See CHEMIS Report, 7A Success Rates
7B Employment rate for graduates *
7C Employer feedback on graduates who were employed and not employed *
7D Percentage of students passing professional examinations 7/16/07
7E Indicator 7E: First-time, full-time associate degree-seeking students earning a baccalaureate degree from another institution within six years.  CHEMIS data supplemented with Out-of-State Graduates. See CHEMIS report, 7E
9A Financial Support for Reform in Teacher Education *
9B Amount of Public and Private Sector Grants *

* Reporting deferred in 2006-07.  See Year 9 (2004-05) data for latest report.