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Foundations for the Future

Foundations for the Future

Foundations for the Future – SC Higher Education Study



In June 2003, The Commission on Higher Education commissioned the the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) and the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities (AGB) to conduct  an independent study of higher education in South Carolina.   Aims McGuinness of NCHEMS and Rich Novak of AGB are co-directors of the study.  They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this important study for South Carolina and have both worked in numerous states in helping identify issues faced by higher education and guiding states in how best to address the issues.

        Executive Summary
        Foundations for the Future Final Report   Adobe PDF Icon   (Includes Executive Summary)

Follow the link above to view the report received by the Commission on December 4, 2003.  This report contains vital information for dealing with the educational challenges facing South Carolina during these critical times.  Data and recommendations are provided relating to the fundamentals of a public agenda that articulates clear goals for higher education in South Carolina.


Trustees' Conference:  On November 12, 2003, Aims McGuinness and Rich Novak shared preliminary findings with trustees of South Carolina Colleges and Universities on the major priorities and themes they see confronting South Carolina.  A link to the presentation on November 12th follows.

Shaping a Public Agenda for Higher Education Adobe PDF Icon