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Fall 2013

The Commission on Higher Education Management Information System (CHEMIS) Data Dictionary provides data element definitions: DATA DICTIONARY.pdf

Additional scholarship reports for the current and previous years can be found in the CHE Document Catalog:

  1. For first-time access to these reports, please click here to check browser configuration.
  2. For Enrollment reports, select the document type, Data
  3. Select the Subject category of Enrollment
  4. Select a specific year or years in the From-to-Range
  5. If a specific topic is of interest, enter a key word, such as race. All reports will be displayed with race in the report title
  6. Many reports allow multiple selections such as selecting public institutions, independent institutions, or both
  7. Instructions with Screen displays and Tips for using the CHE Document Catalog.


 Link for CHE Document Catalog:

                Link to website of USC Union

            Link to website of Williamsburg Technical College