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Public Institutions

(CHE: Abatements) “By November first of each year, state supported institutions of higher learning must submit to the Commission on Higher Education the total number of out-of-state undergraduate students during the prior fiscal year that received abatement of rates pursuant to Section 59-112-70 of the 1976 Code as well as the total dollar amount of the abatements received. The report must include the geo-origin of the student, class of the student, comprehensive listing of all financial awards received by the student, number of semesters the student has received the abated rate, as well as the athletic status of the student. The report must also include the calculation method used to determine the abatement amount awarded to students as well as the number of students that received educational fee waivers pursuant to Section 59-101-620.”

  1. Memo: November Reporting for FY20 Proviso 11.15 (CHE Abatement)
  2. Reporting on Abatement of Tuition Rates for Out-of-State Undergraduates
  3. File Layout for Abatements/Waivers
  4. Supplemental Reporting Information
  5. Excel CHE Abatement Template
  6. Cumulative list of questions that were asked regarding the proviso from 2015. (Number 7 has been updated to reflect only Undergraduate Students).

Questions please contact:
The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
Phone: 803-737-2260