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ACAP Meeting 01-20-2005

ACAP Meeting 01-20-2005

Advisory Committee on Academic Programs


January 20, 2005


1. Consideration of Minutes of September 30, 2004


2.  Presentation of Lowcountry Graduate Center                Dr. Skip Godow


3.  Discussion of Education and Economic Development Act       Dr. Peggy Torrey


4.  Consideration of Program Planning Summaries**


  • A.S., Early Childhood Education, USC-Lancaster (new)                      
  • B.S., Bioengineering, Clemson (new)                                                   
  • B.S., Information Science, USC-Columbia (new)                     
  • B.S., Biomedical  Engineering, USC-Columbia (new)                           
  • B.S., Engineering Technology Management, USC-Upstate at the

University Center of Greenville (new)                                                   

  • M.A.T., Secondary Education, in English/Language Arts; Math; and Science, Clemson, SC State, The Citadel, and USC-Columbia (new)  
  • M.S., Biotechnology, Clemson (new)                                                   
  • M.A., Biology, The Citadel (new)                                                                                
  • M.A., Social Science, The Citadel (new)                                                          
  • M.A.T., Physical Education, The Citadel (new)                                                
  • M.S., Biomedical Engineering, USC-Columbia (new)                           
  • M.E., Electrical Engineering, USC-Columbia at the Lowcountry Graduate Center (modification)                                                                                   
  • Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, USC-Columbia (new)                          
  • Ph.D., Information Science, USC-Columbia (new)                               
  • Center for Biological Interfaces of Engineering, Clemson (new) 
  • Sea Island Institute, USC-Beaufort (new)                                                



5.  Consideration of New Program Proposals


  • A.D.N., Nursing, Aiken Technical College (new)                                 
  • A.I.T., Industrial Maintenance Technology (new)                                  
  • B.S., Discovery Informatics, College of Charleston (new)                     
  • M.Ed., Reading, Clemson (modification)                                                          
  • M.L.A., Landscape Architecture, Clemson (new)                                 
  • M.S.W., Social Work, Winthrop                                                         
  • Ph.D., Environmental Design and Planning, Clemson (new)                   


6.  Consideration of Annual Report on Admissions Standards for First-Time

     Entering Freshmen, Fall 2004      

7. Consideration of Annual Report on Advanced Placement Offerings        

   Attachment 1

   Attachment 2


8.  Other