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ACAP Meeting 03-31-2004

ACAP Meeting 03-31-2004

Advisory Committee on Academic Programs
March 31, 2004



1.  Consideration of Minutes of Meeting of January 21, 2004

 2.  Consideration of Dual Enrollment Policy

3.  Consideration of Adoption of Standards for Success from Understanding University Success report   

4.  Consideration of Program Planning Summaries

               a.   A.H.S., Emergency Medical Technology, Trident Tech (new)

               b.   B.A., Dance, USC-Columbia (new)

               c.   B.S.B.A., Economics, Coastal Carolina (new)

               d.   M.A.T., Learning Disabilities, Francis Marion (modification)

               e.   M.Ed., Learning Disabilities (Special Education), Francis Marion (modification)

               f.    D.P.T., Physical Therapy, MUSC, new

               g.   Ph.D., Criminology and Criminal Justice, USC-Columbia (new)

               h.   Center for Nursing Leadership, USC-Columbia (new)

 5.  Consideration of Program Proposals

               a.   A.B., Digital Arts, Horry-Georgetown Tech (new)

               b.   A.H.S., Pharmacy Technology, Horry-Georgetown (new)

               c.   A.H.S., Emergency Medical Technology, Technical College of the Lowcountry (new)

               d.   A.I.T., Industrial Maintenance Technology, York Tech (new)

               e.   B.S., Health Science, Clemson (modification)

               f.    B.A., History, USC-Beaufort (new)

               g.   B.A., Psychology, USC-Beaufort (new)

               h.   B.A., Spanish, USC-Beaufort (new)

               i.    B.S. Biology, USC-Beaufort (new)

               j.    B.A.J.M.C., Visual Communications, USC-Columbia (new)

               k.   B.S., Business and Technology (Teacher Certification), USC-Columbia (new)

               l.    M.S., Youth Development, Clemson (new)

               m.  M.R.E.D., Masters of Real Estate Development, Clemson (new)

               n.   M.S.E.M., Sport and Entertainment Management, USC-Columbia (new)

 6.  Consideration of Annual Report on Admissions Standards for First-time Entering  Freshman, Fall 2003  

7.  Proposed Dates for 2004-05 Quarterly Meetings

                        Thursday, July 22;                    Wednesday, October 20;        

                        Thursday, January 20                Tuesday, April 19  

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