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ACAP Meeting 04-25-2002

ACAP Meeting 04-25-2002




  • Consideration of Minutes of Meeting of


  • Presentation on Professor of the Year Program


  • Presentation on Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching(MERLOT)


  • Presentation on PASCAL


  • Consideration of Program Planning Summaries

a.                  A.H.S., Radiologic Technology, of the Lowcountry(new)

b.                 A.P.S., Human Services, (new)

c.                  B.A., Communication Studies, Coastal Carolina (new)

d.                 B.A., Comparative Literature, USC-Columbia (new)

e.                  B.A., Studio Arts, SC State University (modification)

f.                   B.S., Applied Physics, Coastal Carolina (new)

g.                  B.S., Bioinformatics, Coastal Carolina (new)

h.                  B.S., Turfgrass, (new)

i.                    M.S., Physician Assistant, MUSC (new)

j.                   Ph.D., Educational Leadership, Clemson at (modification)


  • Consideration of New Program Proposals

a.                 B.S., Nuclear Engineering, (new)

b.                 M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, (modification)

c.                 M.Engr., M.S., Ph.D., NuclearEngineering, USC-Columbia (new)


7.      Consideration of Revision to College CoursePrerequisites, Science Requirements


8.      Consideration of Guidelines for Lottery-FundedTechnology Competitive Grants Program, FY 2002-03


9.      Consideration of Guidelines for Lottery-FundedScholarships for Teachers, FY 2002-03


10.  Progress Reporton Addition of Courses to Statewide Articulation List


11.  ProgramProductivity Data Information


12.  Next MeetingDate:


13.  List ofNotifications of Change in Program Status and Terminations


14.  ACAP 2003Retreat:, ,







Notifications of Change in Program Status


§        B.S., Agricultural and Applied Economics, concentrationin Community and Rural Development changed to Community and EconomicDevelopment

§        Center for Computer Communication Systemschanged to Center for Research in Wireless Communications

§        Masters of Industrial Education (MINED) changedto Masters of Career and Technology Education (MCTE)

§         for Ethics

§        Ph.D., Educational Leadership, Higher EducationConcentration to be delivered by on-line electronic distance education and livebroadcast


  • The Clay Brittain, Jr. Center for Resort Tourism


  • A.P.S., Human Services to offer a new option in Early Childhood Development
  • A.I.T., Automotive Technology Diesel Option


  • B.S., Physical Education with a new option in Physical Activity Management
  • M.Ed., with a new option in Elementary Physical Education
  • M.Ed., with a new option in Secondary Physical Education

  • B.A., Mass Communication and Theatre, Theatre Emphasis, K-12 Teacher Certification


  • B.M., Music, dividing Music Education into two separate options:Music Education-Choral, and Music Education-Instrumental
  • BSPE, Physical Education, Teacher Prep changed to BSPE, Physical Education, Teacher Certification
  • IMA/MAT, Natural Sciences, collapsing existing IMA/MAT programs in biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics into the existing natural science program with options in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, natural sciences and physics(also name change from Natural Sciences to Sciences)
  • IMA/MAT, Social Studies, collapsing existing IMA/MAT degree programs in Geography and History into the existing MAT/IMA in Social Studies with options in Geography, History and Social Studies
  • IMBA, adopt the recently approved curriculum of the IMBA Columbia-based program to the existing program
  • MA, Secondary Education, new options in Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies
  • MA, French, create a non-thesis option
  • MA, Spanish, create a non-thesis option
  • MAT, Foreign Language, collapsing existing MAT degree programs in French, Spanish, an German into a MAT degree in Foreign Language with options in French, Spanish, and German
  • MAT, Special Education, rename new options as follows:Learning Disabilities; Mild Intellectual Disabilities; Emotional Behavioral Disabilities; Severe Intellectual Disabilities (Moderate/Severe/Profound)
  • M.Ed., Community Occupational Programs, changed to Community & Occupational Programs in Education
  • M.Ed., Educational Research & Measurement, changed to Educational Research
  • M.Ed., Secondary Education, new list of options in Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, and Foreign Language
  • M.Ed., Special Education, with options in Learning Disabilities; Severe Intellectual Disabilities (Moderate/Severe/Profound); Mild Intellectual Disabilities; Early Childhood Special Education; Emotional Behavioral Disabilities
  • Master of Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management, Specialization in Retail Management
  • Master of Industrial Statistics, via distance education
  • MT, Secondary Education, with new list of options in French, Latin, Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies and Spanish
  • SILS, Specialist in Information & Library Services changed to SLIS, Specialist in Library and Information Science
  • Ph.D., Business Administration, change title of concentration from Organizational Behavior to Organization/human resources
  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering APOGEE to add web-based delivery
  • Ph.D., Civil Engineering APOGEE to add web-based delivery
  • Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering APOGEE to add web-based delivery
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering APOGEE to add web-based delivery
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering APOGEE to add web-based delivery
  • Certificate of Graduate Study, Applied Statistics, via distance education
  • changed to Institute for Public Service and Policy Research
  • Computing Lab changed to the Computing and

§        B.S.,Family and Consumer Sciences, delete the Human Service option

§        B.S., Physical Education, add an option inAthletic Training

§        M.Ed., Secondary Education, distributiveeducation changed to Business/Marketing









Notifications ofTerminations



§        A.E.T., Chemical Engineering Technology


§        B.S., Elementary Education

§        B.S., Early Childhood Education

§        B.A., Secondary Education with a Concentrationin Biology

§        B.A., Secondary Education with a Concentrationin Math

§        B.A., Secondary Education with a Concentrationin German

§        B.S., Secondary Education with a Concentrationin English

§        B.S., Secondary Education with a Concentrationin Social Studies


§        Masters in Health ProfessionsEducation


A.I.T., Heating, Ventilation, AirConditioning Technology

A.I.T., Nuclear Service Technology


§        M.A. in Elementary Education

§        M.A. in Early Childhood Education

§        M.A. in Reading Education

§        M.A., Student Personnel Services

§        M.A., Educational Research

§        M.A., Community and Occupational Education

§        B.M., Music Education

§        B.A.P.E., Physical Education

§        Ed.S., in Teaching,(delete off-site locations and retain program at main campus)

§        M.Ed., and M.A., Secondary Education (deleteoff-site locations and retain on campus & at )

§        M.Ed., Special Education (delete off-sitelocations and retain program on campus)

§        M.A./M.Ed., ElementarySchool Counseling (all sites)

§        M.A./M.Ed., SecondarySchool Counseling (all sites)

§        M.Ed., Educational Technology

§        IMA/MAT, Chemistry (retain M.S.)

§        IMA/MAT, Biological Science (retain M.S.)

§        MAT/IMA, Earth Sciences

§        MAT/IMA, Physics (retain M.S.)

§        MAT/IMA, History (retain M.A.)

§        MAT/IMA, Geography (retain M.A.)

§        MAT/IMA, French (retain M.A.)

§        MAT/IMA, German (retain M.A.)

§        MAT/IMA, Spanish (retain M.A.)

§        B.S.M.T., Medical Laboratory Technology

§        Delete option, retain degree program, SLIS,Information & Library Sciences, distance education site unknown)

§        Delete option-Certificate Higher Ed. Leadership,retain degree at all locations with one option

§        Delete options, retain degree program, M.Ed.,

§        Delete option in Psychological Foundations,Ph.D., Educational Psychology & Research

§        Master of Fine Arts, terminate concentrations inInterior Design, Paining, and Sculpture