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February 18, 2015, 10:00 a.m.
S.C. Commission on Higher Education
1122 Lady St., Suite 300
Columbia, SC 29201


 1. Minutes of September 10, 2015
 2. Presentation of the Education Oversight Committee 2016-2017 Legislative Agenda (For information, no action required)
 3. Adoption of TransformSC’s Profile of the South Carolina Graduate
 4. Advanced Placement Task Force Recommendation and Revised Policies on Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Credit Awards
 5. Revised Guidelines for Teacher Education Competitive Grants:
   a.  EIA Centers of (Teacher Education) Excellence FY 2017-2018
  b.  Improving Teacher Quality, FY 2016-2017
 6. Updates on Issues and Projects in Academic Affairs:(For information, no action required)
    a.  College Course Prerequisite Review
   b.  Program Productivity
 7. Notifications of Program Changes and/or Terminations, August 31-January 31, 2016  (For information, no action required)
 8. Workforce Development: (For information, no action required)
    a.  Discussion on In-State Workforce Projections
   b.  S.C. Department of Commerce Presentation


9. Program Proposals

a.  The Citadel, B.S., Nursing
b.  Coastal Carolina University, M.Ed., Instructional Technology
c.  College of Charleston, B.A., Meteorology
d.  Lander University, B.S., Chemistry with Secondary Education
e.  Lander University, B.S., Mass Communications and Media Studies
f.  Medical University of South Carolina, B.S., Healthcare Studies
g.  University of South Carolina Columbia, M.S., Physician Assistant Studies


10. Program Modifications 

a.  Clemson University, B.S., Nursing, Add new location
b.  Clemson University, M.B.A., Add a concentration in Business Analytics
c.  College of Charleston, Bachelor, Professional Studies, Add concentrations in Healthcare and Medical Services Management; and Project Management
d.  College of Charleston, B.S., Physics, Add concentration in Atmospheric Physics
e.  College of Charleston, M.Ed., Teaching, Learning and Advocacy, Delete three concentrations and add concentrations in Diverse Learners; New Literacies; Science and Mathematics; and Curriculum and Instruction 
f.  College of Charleston, M.S., Marine Biology, Change location 
g.  College of Charleston, M.S., Mathematics, Changing to a M.S. in Mathematical Sciences with concentrations in Mathematics and Statistics
h.  Medical University of South Carolina, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Add concentration in Psychiatric-Mental Health
i.  South Carolina State University, M.B.A., Add new location
j.  University of South Carolina Columbia, B.A., Global Studies, Merger of two current programs (B.A., European Studies and B.A. in Latin American Studies) into a single program
 Next Meetings  
 May 19, 2016                    
 September 15, 2016  
 November 17, 2016  

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