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ACAP Meeting March 20, 2008

ACAP Meeting March 20, 2008


Advisory Committee on Academic Programs

March 20, 2008

10:00 a.m.


1.     Minutes of January 17, 2008   


2.     Program Planning Summaries

a.  B.S., Electrical Engineering Technology, S.C. State University (modification)

b.  B.S.E., Engineering Science, USC-Columbia (modification)  

c.  B.S., Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics, College of Charleston (modification)

d.  M.Ed., Teaching, Learning , and Advocacy, College of Charleston (new)

e.  M.T., Secondary Education, Lander (new)     

f.    M.A.T., Secondary Education in Science and Mathematics, Clemson  (modification)   

g.  M.Ed., Secondary Education, Clemson (modification)  

h.  M.Engr., Industrial Engineering, Clemson (new)  

i.    Ph.D., Teaching and Learning, USC-Columbia (modification)   

j.    DNP, Doctor of Nursing Practice, MUSC (new)   

k.  Clemson University Inquiry in Motion Institute, Clemson (new)   

l.    Pre-Pharmacy Program, USC-Columbia (modification)  


3.      New Program Proposals

a.  A.H.S., Cardiovascular Technology, Piedmont Tech (new)      

b.  A.H.S., Physical Therapy Assistant, Piedmont Tech (new)                     

c.  A.H.S., Veterinary Technology, Piedmont Tech (new)                             

d.  A.I.T., Radiation Protection Technology, Spartanburg Community College (new)     

e.  A.H.S., Occupational Therapy Assistant, Horry-Georgetown Tech (new)

f.   B.A. and B.S., Public Health, USC-Columbia (new)  

g.  B.S., Music Industry, Francis Marion (new)

h.  B.S., Athletic Training, Winthrop (new)

i.    B.S., Exercise Science, Winthrop (new)

j.    M.A.T., Early Childhood Education, Winthrop (new)


4.        Consideration of Policy for Approval of Specialized Accreditation Agencies                                                                          


5.           Consideration of Annual Report on Admissions Standards for First-Time Entering Freshmen, FY 2007-08     


6.           Annual Report for AP Course Acceptance Policies, FY 2007-08                                                    


7.              Notifications of Program Changes and Terminations


8.              New Accreditation Agency


9.       Other               


Next Meeting Dates:

July 17, 2008

October 9, 2008

January 15, 2009

March 19, 2009


Retreat Dates for Chief Academic Officers:


Evening of June 3 and June 4, Coastal Carolina/Horry-Georgetown Technical College