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ACIR Agenda August 11, 1999

ACIR Agenda August 11, 1999

August 5, 1999


Members, Advisory Committee on Information Resources (ACIR) From: Camille T. Brown, Coordinator of MIS Subject: Quarterly Meeting Our quarterly ACIR meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 11, 1999 at 10:30 a.m. in the large conference room of the Commission on Higher Education.

Please find attached the agenda for this meeting, and the minutes from the meeting onMay 4, 1999.




Advisory Committee on Information Resources
August 11, 1999
Commission on Higher Education
Large Conference Room
1333 Main Street, Suite 200
Columbia, South Carolina 29201
10:30 a.m.

  • Review and acceptance of minutes
  • IPEDS Schedule - Lynn Metcalf
  • CHEMIS Data Schedule
  • Facilities
    • Bldg_Cond, Building Condition
  • Faculty Data
    • SACS_2A, Terminal Degree, Minimum Required Competency
    • Date_Term, Date of Termination
    • Contract_Trm, SBTCE Faculty Contract Terms
    • Prima_Resp, Primary Responsibility
  • Enrollment and Completions Data
    • Admit_Type, identify first time freshmen enrolled in 2 or more developmental courses
    • Cert_Lic, certification/licensure in enrollment and completions
    • Res_class, Append to Code G for Winthrop students
  • LIFE Scholarship
  • Course Data
    • Meth_Instr, Method of Instruction
  • Other Business



May 4, 1999

10:30 A.M.

Members Present Staff Present

Ms. Mim Armour                                        Ms. Camille Brown
Mr. Moses Brown                                       Ms. Julie Carullo
Ms. JoEllen Cantrell                                   Ms. Lynn Metcalf
Mr. David Che                                            Dr. Aileen Trainer
Ms. Kay Coleman                                       Ms. Lori Woods
Mr. Henry Cope
Ms. Debbie Daughtey
Mr. Dave Fleming
Ms. Jodi Herrin
Ms. Sylvia Hill
Ms. Star Kepner
Dr. Carol Lancaster
Mr. Russell Long
Ms. Whitney Marcengill
Ms. Chris Mee
Mr. Bob Mellon
Ms. Shara Moore
Ms. Sandra Morris
Dr. James Myers
Mr. Tom Nelson
Ms. Lisa Pace
Mr. Charles Parker
Ms. Gerry Shuler
Ms. Michelle Smith
Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong
Ms. Catherine Watt

The Advisory Committee on Information Resources (ACIR) met in the conference room ofthe Commission on Higher Education on May 4, 1999 at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Brown called themeeting to order. No corrections were made to the minutes from the February 11, 1999. Ms.Brown began the meeting by thanking all of the ACIR members for doing such a great jobwith the implementation of the faculty component of CHEMIS and all the additional changesmade to the CHEMIS data for Fall 1998.

IPEDS Update- Lynn Metcalf

Ms. Lynn Metcalf passed out the 1999-2000 IPEDS processing cycle for all surveys, IPEDSdata collection instructions and the letter sent by NCES to all presidents regarding thechanges to web-based reporting. Ms. Metcalf mentioned that the web-based reporting startswith the Fall of 1999 with full implementation by 2000. Ms. Metcalf also passed out therecommendations of the NCES Policy Panel on racial/ethnic data collection and mentionedthat NCES states that full implementation should be possible for the 2002/2003 schoolyear.

Ms. Brown mentioned the possibility of scheduling an ACIR meeting in June or July toreview the IPEDS reporting changes.

Enrollment and Completions Data

Ms. Brown stated that the institutions will need to flag students enrolled in two ormore developmental courses by reporting a 'D' in the ADMIT_TYPE field. Thesestudents will be extracted from the first-time entering freshmen cohort for the GRSsurvey. This change will be implemented in Fall 1999.

Ms. Brown stated that the research (excluding MUSC) and teaching institutions will needto identify students in the enrollment and completions data who are education ornon-education majors with an education option leading to certification/licensure. Thefield CERT_LIC with possible values of Y=yes and N=no will be added to the enrollment andcompletions data files and will be implemented Fall 1999. Ms. Brown wanted to also clarifythat only one major in the 'hours required' field in Completions is to bereported. For double majors, only one major per record is to be reported. CHE will pick upthe first record only in calculations for Performance Funding. She reminded theinstitutions that the benchmark of hours earned/hours required is set at 110%. Dr. LovelyUlmer-Sottong recommended that a notation be made at the bottom of the Performance Fundingpage to clarify what is being reported.

Ms. Brown reminded everyone of the change to Performance Funding Indicator 8 C Percentof Other Race where 'other race' now includes the racial categoriesAfrican-American, Native American, Asian, and Hispanic. These reports are summarized forSouth Carolina residents only, where residency classification is 1.

Course Data

Ms. Brown opened the floor for discussion on identifying lecture sections without arequired lab or discussion session for Performance Funding Indicator 3A1 and 3A2. Aftermuch discussion, the consensus among ACIR members was to add a code to the METH_INSTRfield, 15=Lecture/Required Discussion Section to identify these courses.

Faculty Data

Ms. Brown introduced the need for a date of termination field for Full-time facultyused to include or exclude a faculty member for reporting IPEDS Salaries data from thefaculty database. This field will be added to the faculty file and will be implementedFall 1999. There has been no change made to the field SACS_2A1. For Performance Indicator2A2, the wording has been changed from 'Faculty Exceeding SACS Criteria' to'Faculty with Terminal Degrees in Their Primary Teaching Area/Minimum RequiredCompetency.' To implement this change, the field SACS_2A2 will have a code of 1 or 3where 1 = individual with a terminal degree in their primary teaching area or minimumrequired competency teaching undergraduate courses. ACIR members unanimously agreed thatadding an academic data record for each individual teaching would not be appropriate. Ms.Kay Coleman requested an edit report to look at the breakout of the field SACS_2A2. Ms.Brown passed out a listing of criteria for reports to be generated from the facultydatabase. She stated that for Performance Indicator 3C the numerator will now come fromthe faculty database instead of the Fall Staff and discussed the criteria she will use topull the data. After looking at the wording for the example in the INSTRUCT_PC field, Ms.Kay Coleman requested that it be changed because it was misleading, favoring instructoreffort over instructor responsibility for a course.

Other Business

Mr. Dave Fleming requested that the minutes be typed early for review.

Meeting adjourned at 12:25 p.m.