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ACIR Feb. 12, 1997 Minutes

ACIR Feb. 12, 1997 Minutes



February 12, 1997

10:30 A.M.

Members Present                                                                                Staff Present

Ms. Mim Armour                                                                                    Ms. Camille Brown
Ms. Delony Bladen                                                                                 Mr. Raghu Korrapati
Ms. Kay Coleman                                                                                   Ms. Lynn Metcalf
Ms. Mary Jo Cook                                                                                  Dr. Michael Smith
Mr. David B. Fleming                                                                              Dr. Aileen Trainer
Ms. Linda Graham
Dr. Wanda Hayes
Ms. Karen Jones
Ms. Kaye Lawson
Ms. Eileen Mansfield
Dr. Ted McClure
Ms. Christine Mee
Mr. Robert Mellon
Col. Spike Metts
Mr. Tom Nelson
Ms. Michelle Smith

The Advisory Committee on Information Resources met in the conference room of theCommission on Higher Education on February 12, 1997 at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Brown called themeeting to order. The minutes from the January 28, 1997 meeting were approved.

Ms. Brown stated that the purpose of the meeting was to develop and define the dataelements needed for the faculty component of CHEMIS. Prior to looking at the dataelements, there was discussion once again on the definition for FTE (Instructional)Faculty and full time teaching(instructional) faculty.

Each data element to be reported in the faculty component of CHEMIS was discussed andthe reports that would use this data element were identified.

The group agreed to report this data for the academic year, fall & spring combined.

The meeting was adjourned.