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ACIR Jan. 13, 1998 Minutes

ACIR Jan. 13, 1998 Minutes



Jan. 13, 1998

10:30 A.M.

Members Present                                              Staff Present
Ms. Mim Armour                                               Ms. Camille Brown
Ms. Ann Belton                                                  Mr. John Smalls
Mr. MosesBrown                                               Ms. Lori Woods
Mr. David Che                                                    Dr. Aileen Trainer
Ms. Kay Coleman
Mr. Dave Fleming
Mr. Gregory E. Gilbert
Ms. Jodi Herrin
Ms. Brinda Jones
Dr. James Jordan
Dr.. Carol Lancaster
Ms. Eileen Mansfield
Mr. Bob Mellon
Dr. Spike Metts
Dr. James Myers
Ms. Tina Reid
Ms. Mary Robertson
Ms. Michelle Smith

The Advisory Committee on Information Resources (ACIR) met in the conference room ofthe Commission on Higher Education on January 13, 1998 at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Brown called themeeting to order. The minutes from the Oct. 23, 1997 meeting were approved as submitted.The next quarterly meeting was scheduled for April 7, 1998 at 10:30 a.m.

Ms. Brown announced those institutions with outstanding CHEMIS data and brieflymentioned highlights from the SRTK message handed out with the agenda. Ms. Brown said shewould call NCES to check on producing summary data for tracking transfer students at thestate level. CHE would then send out a format for institutions to give data to CHE fortransfer rates.

College of Charleston discussed the issue of including students who withdrew afterdrop/add data but before the CHE data submission date in IPEDS Line 1. The issue wasdiscussed about including them in the IPEDS Graduation Rate Survey.

Mr. John Smalls passed out two handouts, one from the National Postsecondary EducationCooperative (NPEC) organizational statement  and one on the OMB Review ofRacial/Ethnic Standards addressing the issue of possibly adding new racial categories. Mr.Smalls said the ACIR members need to recommend a person as a representative to attend thefirst meeting on March 18, 1998 in Washington, DC on how IPEDs will implement these newcategories. Two ACIR members, Delony Bladen and Greg Gilbert, were nominated. All votedand Ms. Delony Bladen won the majority vote and she will attend the meeting along with Mr.John Smalls and Ms. Lynn Metcalf.

Ms. Brown reviewed how dynamic data fields are affected during the CHEMIS datasubmission process. In the student enrollment file, the static fields of citizenship,birthdate, gender, and race are updated on each student when valid data is received. Thesefields are updated each term in the order the institutions submit data, with the exceptionof SBTCE being first. The issue was discussed on how this process may affect PerformanceFunding Indicators. The University of South Carolina asked Ms. Brown to calculate thepercentage of students that changed when updated. Ms. Brown mentioned that this process isnot an easy one and it may take some time to extract these students.

Faculty Component

Ms. Brown said that CHE will send out reports to the institutions to verify the CHEMISFaculty data. Ms. Brown opened the floor to discussion on what information may need to beadded to the Faculty Component for Performance Funding Indicators 2D, 3C, 3A2, and 3B andwhat information can be extracted from the Cupa Survey, the IPEDS Salaries Survey, and theFall Staff survey. Ms. Kay Coleman proposed 'flags' in the CHEMIS Faculty datawhere appropriate, and Mr. Dave Fleming noted that CUPA survey may omit some faculty. Opendiscussion on the data needed for the Performance Funding Indicators lead to thefollowing: Data for the Performance Funding Indicator 2A may be obtained from the IPEDSSalaries Survey for the 2 Year Institutions and Technical Colleges, and CUPA for the 4Year Institutions. Data for the Performance Funding Indicator 3C may be obtained from theFall Staff Survey (full-time faculty only). Ms. Brown requested information and ideas fromthe institutions on how to work with this data and where flags/new fields may benecessary.

Meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.