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ACIR July 08, 1997 Minutes

ACIR July 08, 1997 Minutes



July 8, 1997

10:30 A.M.

Members Present                                                                                Staff Present

Ms. Mim Armour                                                                                   Ms. Camille Brown
Ms. Delony Bladen                                                                                Mr. Raghu Korrapati
Mr. Moses Brown                                                                                  Dr. Aileen Trainer
Ms. Denise Beres                                                                                  Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong
Ms. Kay Coleman                                                                                  Ms. Maggie Hicks
Ms. Mary Jo Cook                                                                                  Ms. Lynn Metcalf
Mr. David B. Fleming
Mr. Greg Gilbert
Mr. David Hunter
Dr. Wanda Hayes
Ms. Beverly Harpen
Ms. Karen Jones
Dr. Jim Jordan
Ms. Kaye Lawson
Mr. J.P. McGhee
Mr. Robert Mellon
Ms. Chris Mee
Ms. Tina Reid
Ms. Lindy Smith
Ms. Michelle Smith
Ms. Gail Stephens
Mr. Jim Stribling
Dr. Jim Vincent

The Advisory Committee on Information Resources(ACIR) met in the conference room of theCommission on Higher Education on July 8, 1997 at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Brown called the meetingto order. The minutes from the April 8, 1997 meeting were approved with the addition ofDr. Wanda Hayes as a participant. The next quarterly meeting was set for October 9, 1997.

Ms. Brown informed the members about some proposed changes in IPEDS reporting from theNCES/IPEDS conference in May. For Fall, 1998 on the enrollment survey, reporting of anon-resident alien will require further racial identification using the racial codes 2through 7. The Office of Civil Rights has requested this change. It will have to beapproved by Office of Management and Budget(OMB). If this is approved, it will result insome reporting changes for the CHEMIS data for Fall 1998. In July, 1997 the results of theresearch and recommendations by the OMB on race/ethnicity will be put out for comments.

Another topic which was discussed at the NCES/IPEDS Conference was the new IPEDSFinance Form. The new forms, which were processed for Fall 1996, worked well for theprivate institutions but not for the public. Governmental Accounting Standards Board(GASB) has released changes which they are recommending to be put in place in the year2000. As a result of these forthcoming changes, there will be a reconciliation of the twoaccounting standards--GASB and Financial Accounting Standards Board(FASB) on the financeforms when the changes are made for GASB. All public institutions will receive the oldfinance forms until the new GASB standards are in place.

Ms. Hicks informed the members about the changes in the data element, buildingcondition effective for Fall, 1997. The codes, 000 - never surveyed and 555 - demolish ortermination, have been deleted. The Condition of Buildings report will be revised toreport the following categories: 1) satisfactory gross, 095 - 100; 2) remodelling A gross,076 - 094; 3) remodelling B gross, 051 -75; 4) remodelling C gross, 026 - 050; and 5)demolition-termination, 001 - 025.

Ms. Brown asked to change the reporting periods for completions data to include SummerII data. The new reporting cycle would include Fall, Spring, Summer I, and Summer II data.The due date for completions data to be reported would remain September 30. The inclusionof Summer II data would not affect the IPEDS reporting cycle for completions, which isstill the fiscal year. By including the Summer II data on the Fall submission, this datawould not have to be reported separately in January of each year. The group agreed withthis change, and it will be effective with the data to be reported to CHE by September 30,1997.

For the performance indicators that fall under the Completions portion of CHEMIS, Ms.Brown suggested forming small sub-committees for each sector. The sub-committees will meetseparately and will report to the full committee about their findings. Ms. Michelle Smithbrought to the groups attention that in order to do reporting for the Graduation RateSurvey using CHEMIS data six years from now, long term planning is necessary in order tocapture data in such areas as sports.

Ms. Brown will contact the Student Loan Clearing House to find out if the Commission onHigher Education can act as a central point for sending data and receiving the requiredinformation needed for tracking transfers between institutions in order to fulfill therequirements for Student Right to Know Act.

The institutions will report for Fall, 1997 the grade point average(GPA) of the firsttime freshmen as reported by the high school and converted to a 4.0 scale. If no gradepoint average is reported, an institution will calculate a GPA including all the courses astudent has taken. This will not be required of the technical colleges or MUSC. Ms.Coleman reported that U.S.C. will comply with reporting the requested GPAs, but theirstatistics show that 20% of the freshmen at U.S.C. have no GPA and 20% report no GPAscale.

Dr. Trainer informed the members there will be a residency officers meeting on Friday,July 11, 1997, and the results of that meeting will be conveyed to this group.

The three sub-committees to discuss the various outstanding performance funding datareporting guidelines are as follows:

Research & Two-Year: Greg Gilbert, Kay Coleman, and Dave Fleming

Teaching & Comprehensive: Wanda Hayes, Lindy Smith, and Mim Armour

SBTCE: Moses Brown, Bob Mellon, & a group from the

Technical Colleges

It was decided to use the fall term only for reporting the faculty data rather than theannualized data which had been previously discussed since all national data is based onthe Fall semester. It was also decided that as a beginning point for faculty to report forFall, 1997 those faculty matching the definitions with the IPEDS Salaries report. The datais due at CHE by December 15, 1997.

After lunch, the group discussed the faculty portion of CHEMIS. A race data elementwill be added. Several definitions were modified and the layout will be sent to all themembers in the coming weeks.

It was decided to have another meeting on August 11, 1997 to bring everyone up-to-dateon the discussions involving the performance indicators. Ms. Brown will inform all themembers through e-mail about the results of the sub-committe meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 P.M.