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ACIR July 7, 1998 Minutes

ACIR July 7, 1998 Minutes

July 7, 1998
10:30 A.M.

Members Present                                                                                StaffPresent

Ms. Mim Armour                                                                                 Ms.Camille Brown
Ms. Delony Bladen                                                                             Ms.Lori Woods
Mr. Moses Brown                                                                               Mr.Charlie FitzSimons
Ms. Kay Coleman
Mr. Henry Cope
Mr. Dave Flemming
Mr. Gregory E. Gilbert
Mr. Frank Gentry
Ms. Jodi Herrin
Ms. Karen Jones
Dr. Carol Lancaster
Ms. Kaye Lawson
Ms. Eileen Mansfield
Ms. Whitney Marcengill
Ms. Sheryll Marshall
Ms. Julie Mattson
Ms. Chris Mee
Mr. Bob Mellon
Dr. Spike Metts
Dr. James Myers
Ms. Mary Newton
Ms. Michelle Smith
Dr. Lovely Ulmer-Sottong

The Advisory Committee on Information Resources (ACIR) met in the conference room ofthe Commission on Higher Education on July 7, 1998 at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Brown called themeeting to order. The minutes from the May 6, 1998 meeting were approved. The nextquarterly meeting was scheduled for October 6, 1998 at 10:30 a.m. and will be on the firstTuesday of every quarter from now on unless otherwise noted. A meeting to discuss the LIFEScholarship data was scheduled for August 4, 1998 at 10:30 a.m.

Report on SHEEO/NCES Conference

Ms. Brown discussed changes from the SHEEO/NCES Conference. She mentioned that therewere no new changes to the racial codes but NCES will have the codes implemented by 2003.She also mentioned several web sites for race and ethnicity classification issues (seeattachment). A task force under Sect 487-B (Higher Education Act) is working onconsolidating all of the institutional identifiers into one single identifier (Dunn'snumber) with a target completion date of 2001. Phase I, where all data exchangeidentifiers will be reconciled, has a target completion date of December 1, 1998. TheIPEDS Institutional Characteristics Survey due date has been changed to October 1. Arevision of the CIP Codes is targeted for 2001. NCES is asking the institutions to reporton the IPEDS GRS what they know regarding transfers until the 1996 cohort is required bySRK. The Fall Staff due date has been changed to December 1 with a status date of November1. An IPEDS redesign project team has been established to work on new surveys or changeson existing surveys. Most of these changes will be made by 2001.


Ms. Brown pointed out that the handout received includes a listing of the initialreports to be generated from the Faculty Database. She pointed out several changes on thefaculty layout under the first page of the Faculty Requirements as discussed in the lastACIR meeting. Also, Kay Coleman of U.S.C. Columbia questioned whether or not we should usethe existing October 1 status date or the new IPEDS Fall Staff status date of November 1.After some discussion, the CHEMIS Faculty data status date was changed to November 1 withthe due date of December 1. Ms. Brown mentioned the addition of the two fields SACS_2A1and SACS_2A2. Ms. Brown mentioned the need to clarify the 'instructor of record'of team taught courses meeting SACS criteria. Mr. Charlie FitzSimmons clarified that allemployees (in the CHEMIS Course file) involved in teaching team taught courses will belooked at as meeting or not meeting SACS criteria. Ms. Brown mentioned that this meansthere will be no changes made to the CHEMIS course file. There was some discussion onwhether or not to include graduate students as 'instruction' for the PerformanceIndicators. If they are involved in teaching, they will be included as'Instruction.' Ms. Brown noted that for the field COMM_SERV, new hires andfaculty on sabbatical the previous year will be excluded. Concerning the requirement offull-time faculty teaching at least three credit hours for this field, Ms. Brownrecommended not looking at the instructor of record and base it on the percentage ofinstruction. Ms. Brown mentioned adding the field RESTR_FUNDS for the technical collegesuse only. Finally, after looking at the Initial Reports to be Generated from the FacultyDatabase, Bob Mellon requested a matrix be constructed to aid the institutions in workingwith the faculty database and reporting.


Ms. Brown mentioned that she was asked by Aileen Trainer to talk about identifyingstudents enrolled and graduates in programs/options that lead to licensure in Educationthrough CHEMIS. Previously, these figures have been reported manually. There was somediscussion on the issue and will be on the agenda again for October. Ms. Brown remindedthe institutions to include the 'hours earned' and 'hours required'fields (as of August 31) to the Completions file due September 31.

Other Business

Ms. Brown stongly encouraged everyone to be timely in reporting CHEMIS data because ofthe Performance Funding deadlines, IPEDS deadlines, etc. Ms. Karen Woodsfaulk briefedeveryone on the life scholarship program. Some issues concerning residency were brought upand she encouraged everyone to stay for the meeting at 1:30. Ms. Brown announced the siteidentifier for 100% Internet courses is 88000.

Meeting adjourned 12:15.