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ACIR Oct. 23, 1997 Minutes

ACIR Oct. 23, 1997 Minutes



Oct. 23, 1997

1:30 P.M.

Members Present                                                                                   Staff Present      

Ms. Mim Armour                                                                                    Ms. Camille Brown
Mr. Moses Brown                                                                                   Mr. Raghu Korrapati
Ms. Jo Ellen Cantrell                                                                              Ms. Lori Woods
Ms. Kay Coleman
Dr. John Cormier
Dr. Robert Cuttino, Jr
Mr. Dave Fleming
Mr. Gregory E. Gilbert
Mr. David Hunter
Dr. James Jordan
Ms. Star Kepner
Ms. Kaye Lawson
Ms. Chris Mee
Dr. Spike Metts
Ms. Tina Reid
Ms. Mary Robertson
Mr. Jim Stribling
Mr. Jonathan Trail


The Advisory Committee on Information Resources (ACIR) met in the conference room ofthe Commission on Higher Education on October 23, 1997 at 1:30 p.m. Ms. Brown called themeeting to order. The minutes from the Sept 18, 1997 meeting were approved as submitted.The next quarterly meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, January 13, 1998 at 10:30 A.M.


Ms. Brown addressed the Performance Funding VII Credit hours earned of graduatesdefinition as approved in the last Commission Meeting and stated that this definition wasslightly different than what was discussed at the last ACIR meeting. The difference wasthat the definition states that any courses taken in High School (as well as AP credit)would be excluded in the credit hours earned calculation on first-time entering freshmen.That is, any hours taken prior to the student's high school graduation date would beexcluded. Any hours taken in the summer would be included. It was also noted thatdevelopmental courses will be excluded.

Ms. Brown mentioned she would send out a revised CHEMIS Completions layout on the hoursearned/required field noting the change to 5 positions with 2 decimals. She asked thatwhen the institutions submit their revised Completions data on January 31st, to submit itunder the member name PF967. After much discussion, it was agreed that this PerformanceIndicator Completions data should include Fall 1996, Spring 1997, and Summer 1997 (Sept 1to Aug 30) data.

Ms. Brown mentioned she would ask the Performance Funding Team to clarify thePerformance Indicator 7A wording at the bottom of the sheet concerning the trend data inRate #3.

Whether or not to include multiple awards was discussed and it was noted that thisissue will need to be addressed further after more information is collected from SBTCE andUSC.


Two issues were addressed concerning high school gpa and CHEMIS reporting.

The issue concerning what to do if a high school transcript states a number, forexample 85 on a scale of 100, and does not give a letter grade it equates to, wasdiscussed. The following conversion table was proposed and accepted:


Number Reported Numerical
on Transcript Standard

60-69         1.0
70-79         2.0
80-89         3.0
90-100       4.0

The issue concerning what to do if a high school transcript states a letter, such as B,was discussed. The following conversion table was proposed and accepted:

Letter Reported Numerical
on Transcript Standard

A                 4.0
B+               3.5
B                 3.0
C+               2.5
C                 2.0
D+               1.5
D                  1.0

As far as CHEMIS is concerned, any high school gpa greater than a 4.0 will default to4.0 and the institutions should not report a high school gpa greater than 4.0.

The issue of institutionally defined student identifiers was discussed. Institutionswho report foreign students with their taxpayer id number may conflict with anotherinstitution reporting an institutionally defined student identifier. It was agreed that itis the institution's responsibility to convert a student's taxpayer id number to aninstitutionally defined student identifier using the institution's prefix.


The CHEMIS faculty workshop results were discussed and a few clarifications were made.Under faculty to exclude, the category 'presidents' was clarified as'administrative faculty higher than departmental chairs or equivalent' and underfaculty to include, the category 'persons administering and involved in facilitatinginstruction in a single or related cluster of academic disciplines' was clarified as'persons directly supervising faculty and involved in facilitating instruction in asingle or related cluster of academic disciplines (departmental chair orequivalent).' (See last page of minutes for changed workshop page)

A discussion of the change in the Performance Funding Indicator 3B and 3A2 definition(from that morning's meeting) took place. A clarification of the Performance FundingIndicator 3A2 (FTE Student/FTE Faculty) was discussed and the FTE Faculty calculation isto include the full-time faculty headcount plus part time FTE. This calculation isslightly different than last year's submission. The workshop group came to a consensus oncounting credit hours/contact hours for faculty using a table (this table was passed outat the meeting) and this table will be used in the part time FTE calculation. PE Coursesare to be grouped under the last category Studio.

Any changes in method of instruction will be in the Fall of 1998.

Meeting adjourned.


Workshop Page

Who to include/exclude on Integrated Postsecondary Data System(IPEDS) Salaries Survey?

1. Is the person a full time employee?


2. Is the person a faculty member?


3. Does the faculty hold status(rank)?


A. Exclude

- Librarians

- Administrative Faculty higher than department chairs or


- Faculty with more than 50% public service

- Replacements for instructional faculty on sabbatical leave

- Instructional faculty on leave without pay

- Instructional faculty for preclinical and clinical medicine

(Instructional faculty in all other fields, such as dentistry, veterinary medicine,nursing, dental hygiene, etc., should be reported.)

B. Include

- Those members of the Instruction/Research staff whose major more than 50%) regularassignment is instruction, including those with released time for research

- Instructional faculty on sabbatical leave

- Replacements for instructional faculty on leave without pay

- Persons directly supervising faculty and involved in facilitating instruction in asingle or related cluster of academic disciplines(department chair or equivalent). Thisperson may or may not teach and is to be included regardless of title.

(In this area, the definition on the instructions for IPEDS Salaries said to includechairs of departments (if they have no other administrative title and hold a full-timefaculty rank). The instructions also said to exclude administrative officers with titlessuch as dean of instruction, academic dean, dean of faculty, dean of students, registrar,coach, etc., even though they may devote part of their time to classroom instruction.Institutions were confused by these two statements. Thus the definition in the paragraphabove.)