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ACIR Oct. 7, 1998 Minutes

ACIR Oct. 7, 1998 Minutes




October 7, 1998

10:30 A.M.

Members Present                            Staff Present

Ms. Mim Armour                           Ms. Camille Brown
Ms. Annie Belton                           Ms. Lori Woods
Mr. Moses Brown                          Dr.Gail Morrison
Mr. David Che                               Dr.Karen Woodfaulk
Ms. Kay Coleman
Mr. Dave Flemming
Mr. Gregory E. Gilbert
Ms. Jodi Herrin
Ms. Star Kepner
Dr. Carol Lancaster
Ms. Whitney Marcengill
Ms. Betsy McKenzie
Ms. Chris Mee
Dr. James Myers
Ms. Phyllis Myers
Mr. Tom Nelson
Ms. Diane Owens
Ms. Lisa Pace
Ms. Tina Reid
Ms. Michelle Smith
Ms. Gail Stephens
Ms. Merrill Whitener

The Advisory Committee on Information Resources (ACIR) met in the conference room ofthe Commission on Higher Education on October 7, 1998 at 10:30 a.m. Ms. Brown called themeeting to order. The minutes from the July 7, 1998 meeting were approved. The nextquarterly meeting was scheduled for January 12, 1999 at 10:30 a.m. and will be on thefirst Tuesday of every quarter from now on unless otherwise noted. Ms. Camille Brown askedall the ACIR members to introduce themselves.


Report on Southern Region Electronic Campus (SREC) by Dr. Gail Morrison

Dr. Gail Morrison briefed the ACIR members on the purpose and mission of the theSouthern Region Electronic Board (SREB) and the Southern Regional Electronic Campus (SREC)program. The SREB is increasing programs and courses across the country with the intentionof working on tuition issues for the students. They are in the process of initiating a newproject of collecting data on distance education courses across the U.S. Dr. Morrisonannounced that the Commission on Higher Education's position is to increase participationamong South Carolina institutions. She asked the institutions to think about how they canbe involved in this project. More information about this project can be found on SREB'swebsite at Ms. Brown asked ACIR members to address an email to Dr.Morrison with questions and/or concerns.


Ms. Brown opened discussion on the issue of reporting credit hours earned and requiredof double majors graduating on the same date. After much discussion among the institutionsit was decided to add the extra double major hours to both the credit hours earned andrequired fields for CHEMIS. Ms. Brown mentioned she will further address the issue ofreadmits, whether the institutions should include them as freshmen or if they should beexcluded from the cohort.


Ms. Brown addressed the LIFE Scholarship program and reminded those working directlywith the data that the disbursement data was due October 1 and the follow-up enrollmentdata is due by October 31 in CHEMIS. She mentioned there will be a LIFE Scholarshipmeeting on October 27th if any of the ACIR members would like to attend. Dr. KarenWoodfaulk addressed various issues and concerns in reporting LIFE data.

Ms. Brown reminded the ACIR members that the new residency definition is in effect forthe Fall 1998 enrollment submission. This means that, in addition to the previous valuesof 1 & 2, the expanded values of A-H should be reported in the data field.

Ms. Brown also mentioned that the institutions can still report both ACT and SAT scoreson students this semester but they may want to individually look at why both scores arebeing reported.


Ms. Brown reminded the institutions that a new field is being added to the Faculty datafor State Tech only for contact hours. There was some discussion among the institutionsabout including and excluding faculty, and a clarification of who is to be reported thissemester in the CHEMIS Faculty database.


Ms. Brown opened the floor for discussion on how to report distance educationclassrooms in CHEMIS. It was proposed by Ms. Diane Owens that a new room use code be usedinstead of 110 to help clarify room utilization. This information was to be given to Ms.Lynn Metcalf.

Other Business

Ms. Brown discussed adding a new field to flag secondary education majors to theCompletions and Enrollment data. Ms. Brown also asked Bob Mellon to call a meeting toaddress any new issues concerning transfer articulation data.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.