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Stackable Certificates:  What are Stackable Certificates?


For students, Stackable Certificates is a system of certificates providing a clear and accessible path for individuals seeking to advance their education and prepare themselves for satisfying and productive careers.


For educators,a framework for teaching competencies that aligns Adult Education and Higher Education into a seamless system.


For employers,Stackable Certificates provides documentation of a student’s academic skills.One key element of strategy is a series of pre-college and college ready certificates, tentatively called Carolina Certificates. Stackable certificates will certify that an individual has specific skills needed for the workplace and for postsecondary education.


In addition, the system of stackable certificates (that will be available from an array of providers, including adult career centers, institutions of higher education, and employers) will connect pre-college academic work to credit-bearing career and technical coursework that can lead ultimately to a college degree. Under current plans, an individual will be able to earn pre-college (basic and advanced skills) and college- and work-ready skills certificates.