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SC CHE Agenda April 1999

SC CHE Agenda April 1999


1333 Main Street, Suite 200

Columbia, SC 29201

April 1, 1999 10:30 a.m.




1.   Introductions                                                                                                         - Mr. A.Gilbert

2.  Approval of Minutes                                                                                             - Mr. A. Gilbert

3.  Committee Reports

     3.01  Report of the Executive Committee

              (No Report)

     3.02  Report of the Committee on Academic Affairs

              and Licensing

              (No Report)

     3.03  Report of Committee on Access & Equity and                                           -Mr. F. Gilbert


             A.Consideration of Ad Hoc Advisory Committee Report on the

                   Access and Equity Program

     3.04  Report of Committee on Finance and Facilities                                         -Ms. R. Byerly

              A.Consideration of Special Appropriation Request to Remediate Environmental,

                   Health and Safety Issues at S. C. State University

    3.05  Report of Committee on Planning and Assessmen                                    - Mr. D. Floyd

             A.  Consideration of the Guidelines for PerformanceImprovement Funding

             B.  Consideration of the Calendar for 1999-2000

             C.  Consideration of the Schedule for Indicators

             D.  Report on the Rating Process for Year 3

             E.  Report on and distribution of the New Performance Funding Workbook

4.  Report of the Executive Director                                                                     - Dr. R. Barton

     1.  Legislative Update

     2.  State Ethics Commission Statement of EconomicInterests

     3.  Access and Equity Officer Search

     4.  Validation of Mission Resource Requirement Study(MRR)

Presentation                                                                                                            - Mr. Arthur Bjontegard

5.  Other Business